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March 28, 2008



I think Paco deserves to be the newest internet sensation. Though, I am still angry with Charles, he had tickets to CWC Live and his only excuse was that, he was late? F.U. Charles! I couldnt get tickets to the Toronto show :( P.S. The plastic horse lame, only Colty and be Colty.


OH MY GOD THAT WAS AWESOME! Oh man there are to many chrises. I love the Chris Crooker reference. This is awesome. Very awesome.


Peeps give you cancer!

Suck it Charles!

Victoria and Kim

Rage IS a lot of work, isn't it? Kind of funny, but no threat to you, Chris!


Hey Charles ... it's called shampoo. They sell it just about everywhere now. You should consider using it during your monthly bath.


that guy is de biggest FREAK every
chris better start running cos i would hate to meet charles in a dark place.. NOT WITH THEM CRAZY EYES!!
... crazy bastard!!!!


Charles... there's no excuse for you.

but I still love you

~your bro


Well, at least Charles has the balls to respond. Has anyone heard from Rhonda lately?!?



That made me very... Sad, and scared.
I'm gonna have nightmares now.


10/10, would watch again


So which reason was it that he didn't go? He had too many excuses. First he was in an accident, then he wasn't in an accident but wasn't let in because he was late. Can we actually trust him that Bruno is no longer with us?

meh, I give him 2 1/2 stars


Charles! Come to Toronto!!!

Clayton (A Girl)

*stunned silence*


Charles has molester eyes. Just saying.


I agree it was a bit too long. But great response Charles! Good to know you have a sense of humor!


That's the most hilarious thing I've seen on teh internets in weeks. I don't know how long it's been since one of Chris's videos had me laughing that hard. Sorry, Chris, you just got pwned.


i am so happy that charles is alright.

or is he????

Los Angeles Lisa

Charles, you are still in the shitter as far as I'm concerned. You destroy teen dreams.


AUGH!!! I am in the middle of testing and cannot have sound on!!!


Someone transcribe for me pleeeeez?

and it's Pwn3d, n00bs.


Charles is funny!


i'm in the camp that agrees with:

1. Charles almost redeemed himself.

2. It was momentarily funny and frighteningly pathetic - nearly simultaneously.

3. Bruno's passing is sad.

4. It's all a testament to how talented Chris really is when it comes to writing, editing, timing and overall comedy.

5. If we never hear from Charles again (unless he sends shirtless shots), it will be too soon.


That got weirder and weirder. Now I'm desensitized to weirdness.

Bridgeen in TORONTO!

lol "It's just a Prius"

Paco is funny.

Although I can't say I'm a fan of the FAKE Colty.

But anyway - touche Charles!


Nah I don't think they meant to pwn Chris at all, and didn't. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Chris should be very pleased. This was very well done, a lot better than most could do. Thanks for joining in the fun.

p.s. "Mr. Roboto" made me spit coffee on my keyboard, dammit.


what...just what the fuck was that?

Indeed quite a decent try to stab back at our lord...but alas, no one can do it better then our lord of puppy and furry cuddly kittens himself. Try harder next time.

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