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March 30, 2008



Yay Julie. I've always concurred with you. For me personally it was first where the black meets brown near the nose, however they eyes are deniable.

If this is an actual cat, and the submitter and send a new pic, full cat, preferably w/ someone holing it or another complicated back ground then I will apologized to Gemini.


yeah, ok, i go with photoshopped, and am disappointed about it too.


well, even if it's fake, you will have to admit, it's a purdy good job!
it fooled me the first time I saw it


Totaly photoshoped. Kinda disapointed though. Maybee I should send in a pic of my cat musketeer, his first half of his body is tan and the second half is white. Hes cute ;)

Sarah aka KB

Yeah, I said I thought I smelled photoshop, and I do! The join between the 2 colours up the centre of the face seems not right - the black at the join is almost too solid. We need further evidence. If this is photoshopped though, it's pretty damn good!


Im a digital artist... 20 yrs experience. the only obvious mistake is the blue eye. if you enlarge the pic 300% in photoshop you can see a straight line of pixels running vertically in the right corner of the eye, where they didnt erase quite enough to blend it in. The rest, if its fake, theres no evidence to prove it. But the eye definitely has been manipulated.


I D K ... :-/

either way it's still cute, more cute if it's real, but I have seen animals like that before(look like to halfs) and I saw them in person SO it IS possible.


I think the brown / black bit is fine, a real cat. I just think the green eye from a black cat has been added in the black area.

Julie is right to point out the pupil size - the pupils of both eyes on mammals are always the same size, i.e the left can't be bigger or smaller than the right, because they both adjust to light at the same time.


Juliana F.

the eye thing convinced me -

Melissa H.

Wow. Some people have way too much time on their hands.


"Ooooh, shock, horror! Photoshop?!?! Call the FBI! This must be some kind of federal cime! Photoshop = teen abortion!"

I love how people can overreact to something like this, and so selectively, too. I have a sneaking suspicion that all those pets we saw before can't REALLY shoot lasers out of their eyes, yet there was no hue and cry over that.

(By the way, Banana, your theory about pupils is false. They're not always the same size. Look at any of Ze Frank's videos to see a real live person with pupils of different sizes.)

Besides, I think it's a real cat.


i think they added the green eye.
i mean.. the eyes aren't even the same shape. it looks like an eye from a completely different cat.


Wow. I haven't read a completely new conspiracy theory for years. Brilliant. I never want to know the real answer just to keep the mystery going!


I think it's interesting that people are debating about this cat based on the eyes matching and the fur blending. We see cats with very different eye shapes and bodily imperfections often on CWC. I doubt this was photoshopped. This is just another example of the randomness of genetics.

Looking at the photo at 300% I don't see a vertical lines of pixels, I do see a line of tear stains though...


Great sleuthing Julie!

Like I said in an earlier thread - photoshopped or no, that's a damned sexy cat.


Well it's a very obvious fake, but nice analysis anyway. Now prove you have real talent and tell me the truth about all the robo-dogs that have been posted earlier.

Let's look at it from the bright side, now not 1 but 2 cats have been featured in one and the same picture. To me this is most efficient. It saves Chris' time and our time aswell, because instead of commenting on two pictures we have only one post to write.


I'm convinced! Chris, is there anyway to email the person who sent this and get her to make a YouTube video about how she was in a car accident which caused a weird condition where she is FORCED to photoshop cats and claim they are real? Because that would be great.


Yeah, that's totally photoshopped.


Wow Homagetogorto you seem defensive. We're simply having a discussion on something that was brought out in the open that many of us were thinking.

If it's fake, so what? That just means Melissa H is right, the person who made the pic and us seem to have some spare time, instead of editing our essays like we should be, but this includes you.

You look the time to read Chris' post, read what we wrote, become outraged and respond.

Natalie H

Real or not, It's still an awesome picture!


Actually, not to make myself out like a freak, the eye thing about all mammals having the exact same pupil is not true.

One of my iris'/pupils is very slightly larger than another. I didn't realize this until I was fifteen when my deacon pointed it out to me, and sure enough there is a very, very small variation between the two in my eyes.

On the cat, the photo looks off. I know you can analyze and cut up this photo of gemini but between the digital artists here with experience, they cannot seem to agree on what exactly has been changed. The only thing about this photo that doesn't lend credibility to the photoshop idea is that where the fur meets the background there should be variants in the lighting between folicles and the background image. There isn't. Also, if two separate pictures were taken of two different cats then there would be some resizing issues that would become evident by our pixel viewers. If this is a single cat, then the coloration of the black fur, would not be consistent, toes would be lost. One artist mentioned the blue eye and the line of pixels in it, possibly red eye correction? That may obscur the lighting effect as well. If it was photoshopped this picture is marvellous, but if not I want to see this Gemini!


whoops *tones would be lost*


Gosh. This is bloody serious stuff!

I'd like to see more pictures of this puss, if only because it's so pretty. Photoshopped or not.

As for mismatched pupils, look at any image of David Bowie and see it's not so rare. In his case, it was a blow to the eye that made the difference.



Connie in Ohio

So it seems that this photo was either photoshopped or it's a Frankenstein kitty. Hmmm....


Jacob, thanks for your correction. You had me scared there for a minute. Toes would be lost!

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