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April 01, 2008



" not...a freak!"


so adorable!


Awesome. That should win a best caption award!


Tell me that the poor evil bunneh is not sitting on a towel...?

Sarah aka KB

Exactly what I was thinking VV!

Victoria & Kim

Great name.


uh... nope, doesn't really look like a towel...
kind of a... fluffy drapery?
(or those toilet seat covers)


tiolet seat covers are towels in disguise... baaaad..


I agree with Kj!!


Meh, Snowball probably pooped on it anyway. S'okay y'all.


hmmmm looks like a towel to me! But snowball is CUUUTE! I miss my bunnies!


Are Bunnies truly good pets?
I was wondering if they are very affectionate.


Yeah it does look like a towel!! poor Bunny!! but he's cute!


Juliana:i think bunnies r good pets, but if u read any bunny magazine they make it sound like owning a rabbit is really hard work, my family has had rabbits for the last 3 years and have just recently bought a magazine (we were told everything by a vet) if we had read that book earlier we would not have got bunnies in the first place, magazines over exagerate, dont let them scare u... at the moment i have 4 bunnies, they all love attention and r extremly affectionate towards people and each other... im not a crazy cat a crazy bunny lady!...well i dont think 13 qualifies me as a im a crazy bunny chick...ya, thats better


Alex - Thank you for answering my question. I have always been interested in bunnies. Currently I have a small dog whom I adore, he is just a bit bigger than a large bunny. (16lbs)
It is neat to hear that bunnies are indeed affectionate and good pets. They look so soft and cuddly.


I love bunnies!

And I think it's a towel. And, I think this may possibly be a Formal Pet Portrait, only without the inclusion of one of those pesky owner-type people.


What a svelte bunny! Usually they're so...puffy.


Makes me miss my bunnies. They all had Halloween names.
Spirit, Spook, and Halli (Halloween)
Spook and Snowball look the same.

Shannon in SAN DIEGO

That is hilarious. Snowball's facial "expression" is priceless. Great caption.


SO pretty!


I like towels.


That bunny doesn't look real. After two-face, I don't know who I can trust.


Hello bunny!


CUTE! I miss my bunny too. They make great pets , as long as you have time for them. I love his back paws...fwuffy! ehm..bunnies looove towels..they chew, scratch and play with them. That's a nice clean one too! Nice contrast shot!

Arloe from Regina

Yeah, bunnies are affectionate - my bunny used to have the run of the house and he would come cuddle on the couch when I was watching TV. Word of Warning: They chew EVERYTHING - don't kid yourself - anything you care about will be chewed unless it is at least 3 feet off the ground. Also, they can be potty trained, but you will ALWAYS find "rabbit pellets" that mysteriously escape from time to time.

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