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April 18, 2008


allison (ontario)

:( sad to miss out on the show


whoo.. that was prompt...

Steve From Toronto

Awesome... Can't wait to see the show tomorrow.


Ohhh I can't wait for tomorrow!!

tracey in toronto but not at the show

wish i had tickets:( glad the show went well...T to the dot to the O to the dot


*cheer* Massive awesomeness. Thanks!


that was crap.
thanks for sharing

Robin JooBin

I didn't know Chris will come out and talk to people!!!!
I wish I stayed longer ; _;


Loud cheer! Holy crap. I can't wait for the show TOMORROW!!!! 21 more hours to go!


i F**Ken Shot that !!1!

the show was amazing

the disco ball drop entrance was unbelievable

thanks Chris

Bridgeen in TORONTO!

Graeme, it totally was. If you don't remember me, I was the girl in the grey sweatshirt and leggings.

The part when Chris dropped onto the stage in a giant disco ball was PHENOMENAL.


Not enough Colty.

Still, I was not expecting the David Copperfield-esque entrance with the pyrotechnics and the kitties. That was amazing. And then the disco ball! I thought I was gonna faint. I was also afraid it might land on my head like the chandelier did when I saw Phantom. This was waaaay better than that.



Guys, we're ruining the surprise for the Saturday night show! Oh well, guess the cat's out of the bag... What an entrance!! It truly was an awesome show.

Alex in Toronto

Chris... that disco ball was true class.


OMG you see me in my custom made CWC T-shirt lawl. Tonight was awesome guys :D

I loved when Chris dropped from the sky with a giant disco ball. Best part of the show.

Bridgeen in TORONTO!

Hey Chelsea! :D

I'm gonna add you on msn right now lol


A disco ball!?!...Ahhh!!! I soooooo wish that I could have gone!!! Its not fair!!!

Robin JooBin

OMG!! Chris~~~
You are a genius~!!
I totally didn't expect to see you coming down from the roof on a disco ball!!!!!!!1


aw man...disco ball?


you're so amazing...
you should come to dallas during the summer...that would make my summer so....unbelievingly amazing.

Allison, Ling, Lisa, Melissa

We just saw the show. We drove all the way in to Toronto from Montreal to see it. It was very funny, and we had fun, but we were sad because our animals - David Bowie the cat, Farley the dog and Maggie the dog didn't make it on the show. We dealt with it like mature 30-something-teens and drank.
20$! Should be more like 15$ if you're not gonna show our pets.


Caught the show. It definitely...hit the donut.

I personally would've preferred Chris dropping in riding a life-sized Colty or Pervy, although the disco ball was impressive in its own right. Shiny!


Im in that video!!
2nd last person shown in the white shirt!

AND my dog had lasers shoot out of his eyes during the performance!

Great show Chris!


Oh I can't WAIT!!!!!!
I want to chat after the show :)
Hehe.. I made a shirt too!!

" But.. Jugs are for Juice!"


Im in the video too! Yeah! Last person. If you listen carfully you can hear me cheer for lasers!
Oh Chris you're awesome. Disco ballin'.


Yo, Chris, please post some videos of your live show!!! Ahhhhaaaaarrrrrggghhhhh....I wanna see you and the disco ball, but alas, I am in the wrong country and on the East Coast. Good luck with your next show!

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