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April 22, 2008



I wish /I/ owned David Bowie.


haha! David Bowie is hilarious. So cute!


That cat is GORGEOUS, and the costume at the end = priceless!


Cuuuutttteeee XD


Hi. This is Allison, Ling's friend. Thank you Chris, for posting David Bowie's photos. I know Ling was excited for photos of her cat to be on the site or in the show. We had a lot of fun at your show on Friday, and the laughs were worth the trip to Toronto from Montreal.
Re: Ling's "problem". I can attest to the fact that she does not wear crocs or clogs, but we have discussed the problem of too much photo taking and now it looks like we'll have to address the bit about the cat in the bed.


David Bowie = Best cat name evarrr


So if this is David Bowie, Ling must have photoshopped this picture to make his pupils the same size!

Frankie in Oz

haha! made me laugh. I love the one of David Bowie on what looks like a pile of journal articles?? My bed looks exactly the same! When I'm researching for a paper I end up with a bed full of articles and the cats just look at the bed, look at me and then just lay all over them. Funny. Although I have a tendency to use green highlighter pens myself..:0)


omg that cat looks like my old cat that ran away!


David Bowie is a beautiful cat. Loving the photos. :-)


LOL david bowie is so adorable I don't blame Ling for feeling the way she does :P


Thanks Chun, Uchi is equally adorable btw. Go bok Choy!!!


HAHA...Chris's response is the best one he's ever done. sooooo hee-larious.

c h r i s s y

Hootie. Awesome cat name.


Oh dear...
Cool name for a cat though, I'll give you that.


Or, if you prefer a more Bowie-related alternative for your future cats:
1. Iggy Pop
2. Mick Jagger
3. Lou Reed
4. Brian Eno
5. Freddie Mercury
6. Ziggy Stardust
7. Aladdin Sane
8. Duke (thin, white)
9. Andy Warhol

I like your wood floors and your friend's Birds costume is awesome! Your cat has the cleanest, pinkest nose I've ever seen--must find my cat and scrub his nose.


It's ok, Lin, you can beat it. Just don't get anymore cats. And if the highlighted articles on your chair are any indication, you are not a CCL, but indeed a stressed student or perhaps a stressed grad student, in which case your lack of man flesh is totally understandable, and the problem will resolve itself once you're done with school (speaking as a grad student who recently finished her dissertation, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I hope, a man--oh please let there be a man! ;-) )

And tell Allison she had the BEST halloween costume!


Ling, it's understandable that you've gone a little gaga over D.B. He's adorable!

It could be time, though, to give David Bowie a little space, and yourself a little bit more of a life. However, if in fact you are a true-blue CCL, go with Stevie's names for your new cats.

I think that Andy Warhol was, in fact, a cat, albeit a tall one.


From a married CCL; David Bowie is a cutie - those are some great pics. I think I have that same phone too --- eerie!


David Bowie looks a lot like my former cat Eddie. Gosh, he was a good cat, he always looked pissed off but he really wasn't.

lor (formerly known as lorjer)

Frank Zappa
Harry Chapman
Joe Cocker
Muddy Waters
John Lee Hooker
Miles Davis
John Coltrane
Neil Young

CAT STEVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry Ling, CCLism, like the color of your hair or eyes is something that you're born with--THERE'S NO ESCAPING IT!! I'm a 25 year old male and I carry cat food in the glove compartment of my car so in case I see a stray kitty, I can give him food. Yes Ling, I too suffer from CCLism but the male term is Crazy Cat Laddie. After years or self-realization, I'll give you a few tips:

-It's completely normal to have as many cats as possible.

-Don't worry, cats CAN understand you. They don't respond because they're very good listeners.

-There's no such thing as too many pictures of your cats.

-People roll their eyes when you talk about your cats but that's pure jealousy...PURE JEALOUSY!!

-Ice cream + comfy clothes + good book + cat pals surrounding you = Perfect Saturday evening.


Fun post! Great looking cat.


duuuude i once had a fish named David Bowie. any animal is like ten times better when it has that name.


Thanks so much Chris and CWC fans for giving David Bowie some lovin'. He is coping with the spotlight quite well and has not let the fame and adoration go to his head.

And thanks to all these great comments, I feel a lot better about my potential future as a CCL. It is reassuring to know that even CCLs get their share of man flesh, even though their clothes are always covered in fur and their floors are powdered with kitty litter.

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