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April 02, 2008


Amanda from Normal

Dayum, that Thomas is FIIINE!! Renita, you go girl!


Aww, what a cute couple! I'm only 16 and I can't have a pet or date, so where does that put me? He's cute though!


thanks for giving a crazy 25teen dog lady hope for the future renita!! =)


what?! how did SHE get HIM?!


hot hot hot hehe


Adorable!! All 3! Emily: what r u talking about???...she's super pretty! That's why she's got the hot inked man flesh!!! Thanks for the treat Renita! Being forced to look at men with moobs and crabs has been trying.


Emily, real men fall in love with a whole person, which includes their intelligence, humor, individuality and compassion. Renita is already a lovely-looking woman, but she may also be an extremely kind person and working on her PhD in Physics - YOU DON'T KNOW! So stop judging.


I need more inspiration :/


That's some crazy-hot man flesh!


Wow, Chris, even Dick Cheney loves your show (or, loves the man-flesh on your show!) :D great post!


damn thats yummy! best shirtless photos in the history of shirtless photos!!


He's pretty hot. Love how he did, his facial hair.


This is definately the best man flesh CWC has offered so far.


I love how in each photo he has progressively less beard. Did the cat eat it?


Finally, we get back to some actual cute shirtless guys. I even dig the facial hair!



for a crazy cat lady... you sure scored a hot piece of man flesh... LOOK AT THAT MANS BODY!!!


Ok.. maybe hot boy flesh. He'll need a few years on him to be hot *man* flesh!

Jim gaybear

Yes! Finally some hot [boy] flesh!! Crazy cat ladies get those men before the gay bears do... :)


OW OW!!!!

can i get a whoop whoop!

Emsie Hammer

nice! good work!


I still think Mike's ass is in the lead..

Arloe from Regina

Very cute Hot Man Flesh! Well done Renita!


ohh man... that man.. hawt menz..all up in the hizzzzz. oh yeah.

the cat is cute too.

Thomas (Hot Man Flesh)

This is Thomas (the aforementioned hot man flesh.)

Your comments make me lul. Yes, I do already do housework half-naked (if not wholly so,) and no my dad is not single. He's not a very nice man at all.

And no, Renita and I are not related either. XD

Thomas (Hot Man Flesh)

Oh, there's a second page of comments even! More questions to answer! XD And a couple I forgot on the first.

We have two cats, not just one, and are already planning to get more. The second is Cubby's brother, Chubby.

No I didn't give myself a bikini wax for the chest hair or happy trail, it's just cool like that.

And no the cat didn't eat the beard. XD I'm Persian so my hair grows in faster than I can sneeze. It gives me lots of chances to experiment with different facial styles.

Also, the tattoo I have matches one Renita has on her left shoulder. She drew them both. She is a fantastically talented artist and a beautiful woman in both body and soul. These are the attributes that I was really attracted to in her. Don't give up, crazy cat ladies! Just keep on doing what you do best, and I'm sure another hot piece of juicy man flesh will find his way to your bedroom. Tip :: Lock him in there so he can't leave.

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