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April 05, 2008



what part of CA is Gavix in?

how does chris feel about his new online-dating services?


i'm in california! im not a crazy cat lady yet cos i've only got one cat but i'm hoping to change that soon! :) Gavix is not gonna be single for long, i'm not even sure why he is now!


Mmmm..Gavix is quite yummy



Yeah, thats all I got.



I live in CA, have two cats, and a PS3. Currently playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Damn, just isn't meant to be... I'm 31teen.


Chow! What part of California does Gavix live in? He's a hottie.


well never expected this...much...attention to my pics...ever omg ^_^, i figure if anyone wants to get to know me they might check out my myspace first : ,or my youtube:


i'm 22teen and think gavix is very hot. too bad you're in CA!

dorkier guys make better boyfriends, it's a fact.


I live in Lodi, ca


That's too funny! Get a guy to take his shirt off and not even crazy cat ladies (& gentlemen) notice he's holding a dog in both pictures.

Reminds me of this:

But can Gavix's dog moonwalk?


I think it's slightly funny that you're getting more answers from gay bears than crazy cat ladies, Gavix.

Anyway, I'm a california crazy cat lady in training, and I love cute nerdy guys. ;) My facebook is in the link in my name, so you should talk to me about cats and computer games and etc. :) Hit me up!


Yay for Gavix! Best shirtless guy yet! and hey I'm a 21teen from California interested in nerdy gamers, though I'm not actually a crazy cat lady, I have a bunny so does that count? :D


Uuuummm, i'm not a crazy cat lady but I have 5 dogs, does that count for anything??? You are very handsome :)


i forgot about my facebook account lol :

c h r i s s y

Last time your face appeared on CWC I'm pretty sure you weren't single. Amirite? Sorry about that, but you're better off single. :)


Wait... he's single how?


yes... :~(


Mm. hot man flesh.

p.s.- Titus the blind poodle =D


i'd tap dat.
i have one cat. does that make me crazy enough?


Don't worry ladies I think Robin meant ass, not Australia.


Sorry, Gavix. Any CCL would demand you lose the dog before your relationship could ever reach that next level..


i want this guy!

hes cute (tho im not sure what i think bout the facial hair on his pics on myspace)

AND he likes dane cook (if you go to his myspace you can tell), who i happen to love.. so yea.

gavix be mine

(oh and he does have a cool name)


Can't you see what you're doing to all these women...and gay men??
They're going crazy.
I'm not sure how I feel about this... Maybe we could sensor the pics??
I feel dirty... Can we get some boys on here that are shirtless... THAT AREN'T MY BROTHER?!? c'mon boys..


Dude, if I wasn't getting married in June, I'd hit that!

Not only is he a cat lover, & gamer/computer nerd, but HIS NAME IS GAVIX! How awesome is that!

Props Gavix, find the crazy cay lady of your dreams, Chris will hook it up ;)


ohh, hello.

I'm a 20teen crazycat lady/computer/gaming geek....i even work at Game Stop....too bad i live in Maine....*sigh*

Ahh well good luck finding your crazy catlady close to where you live

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