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April 05, 2008



Gavix, you attention whore. Good thing we love you.


I'd hit that. Do you mind if I'm a dog lady? 24teen here!


Sure thing, see u in wow


Robin Perry,

I totally have to agree with you!
Robin you deserve a woof also! ;-)
Woof! x2!


Hot. 'Nuff said. I wish I was a crazy cat lady now. D:


Gavix, I'm a zoophile. I'm about as "crazy cat lady" as they get.

Be careful what you wish for.

Connie in Ohio

Well, I think it's safe to say that Gavix has sacrificed himself up to all the crazy cat ladies (and gents) in internet land. I give you props for that. I'll be among the masses when I say that, yes, you are really good looking.


Gavix--where abouts in California are you? I'm 20 and in Los Angeles and I love nerds! As long as you're not in the bay area or something, it'd be great to meet you!


your super cute wish i had a cat :(


you know you've become a crazy cult leader when

a) you probably have the ability to perform mass communal CWC weddings between crazy cat ladies and their...admirers

b) your followers come from miles and miles away to see you perform/preach the CWC

gives new meaning to the cwc "Countdowns" there going to be a CWC day of judgement?


mommy likey

Heather S.

Wow we have a winner

Chris finally got a sexy one up lol

I love Cats but i also love Dogs and i can see you do too

so we will get along just fine lol

Heather S.

Wow we have a winner

Chris finally got a sexy one up lol

I love Cats but i also love Dogs and i can see you do too

so we will get along just fine lol


Thank you Chris


Be still my heart!

I only have one cat and a dog, but that could be easily remedied for YOU, Gavix...

PS: Bitchin name.




Dear Gavix:

You're cute, and while I may not have a multitude of cats, I do own one cat who's currently boarding w/ my sister and I own 3 ferrets. All of whom are adorable little beasties.
So even though I may not qualify as a crazy cat lady, I'd still consider taking you down.
*Insert creepy winking*
-Thanks, Carley

PS-You might need to get rid of your dog in order for this relationship to work. Poodles are freaky.
And not in the good way.


all i know is that if the crazy cat woman dont want ya us crazy cat men will :D

SarahS (Suki aka Taco's mom)

Wee~! Gavix is hawt xD I'm a 22teen crazy cat lady in the making....gamer and computer nerd! Too bad I live in another continent XP

Ricardo [Costa Rica]

He's a nerdy, but he's a hottie too...


I have a cat and a mouse and a bunny.

call me :P



i would hit that donut



mmmmm...Gavix, ur yummy! My kitty passed away over a year ago, so technically i'm not a CCL...i'm still brokenhearted though...u could make me feel better...(add me) - Emily 32teen

Ted C.

It's the Chris Leavins Computer Geek/Crazy Cat Lady dating service.

Single Kelly

Is that a toy poodle, or some form of gray fluffy demon hellspawn?

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