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April 01, 2008



...Attached is a picture showing that the eyes (including the light source) are correctly located in relation to the cats head. In addition the nose, ears, and face all appear to be proportioned correctly...besides people who waste time analyzing pictures of two faced cats because don't have a life.





Yeah, it may be a robot cat with a malfunction

Sarah aka KB

So the lights in the eyes are right... well done Diane, and yeah, who would spend so much time thinking about this? *quickly deletes pictures off computer*

Such a controversy! Definitely a front-runner for conspiracy theory of the decade.


let's just demand for more pictures. No one would photoshop all of them... or would they? i still say "more photos!" and candid ones and different types and angles.

mary Beth Kelly

cody already posted about 7 more pictures of this cat from birth until now. he sent a link. why don't you try it out

mary Beth Kelly

thats the other pictures of that cat from cody


Now that I have seen the other photos of two face...Mystery solved! It IS IN FACT A REAL CAT. Look, cat's are sluts. This cat's mother obviously had an affair with a Tom on the wrong side of the tracks. One too many bloodlines were crossed and now we have two face! A gift!

I wish I was two faces mom..I like bad boys.


It's an uncommon mutation, but happens when two zygotes fuse early in the womb. I happen to know someone who has a parakeet like that. Here is a link to show what they look like...


Hmm. Another good argument. Though I do still wonder why the pupils are completely different shapes (not just sizes, SHAPES!) but the rest looks plausible now. Sorta.

Shannon in SAN DIEGO

So, Diane is telling us that she doesn't have a life?

Eric 40teen

The pupils look different because the blue eyes pupil has dark blue around it making it look bigger in the picture.

That's my theory, and my theory alone.


Ronda, thank you for the photos of freak birds. I feel enriched for having seen them. But I feel sorry for the short-lived feather duster parakeets! :(


ok, i believe i believe i believe! is is not photoshopped. or photochopped.


I don't understand all the commotion. I've seen plenty of cats with two differently colored eyes! It's not exactly uncommon so I don't get why people are freaking out and thinking this is fake. The cat's markings are odd as most the one blue eye one green eyed cats I've seen have been solid white. Cute kitty and not at all unbelievable.

lor (formerly known as lorjer)

Diane you're our kinda girl!

Culty Kitties!


This is the best analysis of all time. Love the symmetry!


Greetings believers and skeptics! I am Cody's 'parental unit' and took all the photos of Two~Face. All were taken with my Minolta Dimage 7Hi 5 MP. The original 'cat caught in the skillet' photo shows the entire skillet and stove top~ I opened the photo in my Dimage Viewer software, cropped it and zoomed it up and crunched it so I could upload it to Wallyworld for prints. I do not own Photoshop or any fancy editing software, nor expertise. I know how to darken/lighten, contrast, or reduce red eye and that's it~ Sad, but true! My hobby is plants & flowers.
We sincerely hope Two~Face is alive and living in the neighborhood. We live in an isolated rural setting between a rock cliff and the Columbia River in the gorge. We are about 10 minutes past Multnomah Falls and just off I-84 in an area called Dodson/Warrendale. There are approx. 30 homes and many cat lovers. We last saw Two~Face in the fall before winter. It was a rough winter here, and we hope she is hanging out with a neighbor. We will visit with each of them to see if they've seen her. We also have bear, cougar, coyote, and raccoons to worry about. If she's alive she will need a safe home, our other cats are too cruel, possibly they sensed how different she was as we suspect she was deaf~ and this area has way too many predators. We will complete our neighborhood canvassing this week. We will report the outcome and if we get her back, a
video will be gladly shared. Thanks to all who came to our defense, we enjoyed sharing the beauty of this rare cat but the real credit goes to our magnificent creator. Sincerely, Patricia~


Ooh, this looks all Da Vinci Code. Maybe if we figure out the anagram of "two-face" we'll know the truth. ;)


True, but didn't you JUST analize this cat? At least enough to send in a paragraph and draw little yellow lines on it..?

So your saying you yourself have no life.



True, but didn't you JUST analize this cat? At least enough to send in a paragraph and draw little yellow lines on it..?

So your saying you yourself have no life.



Marissa, that is a very astute observation. You are in fact correct, I was implying that I have no life and I'm okay with that.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Uh...LOOK A KITTY! (trying to cover up stupidity...not working)


LMAO! Chris! The banner is hi-larious! I love you now.


LOL i didnt notice that! Two-Face has done it again =p

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