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April 01, 2008



I guess stevie skipped a couple comments... We've never had a cat euthanized, we give kittens away free at a local wal-mart, if that fails, we just end up keeping them and raising them.


she needs to take better care of her cats. get them fixed. jesus.


Ok, I have been made a believer by the new pictures. I believe two-face is real..

Onideus Mad Hatter

Look retards, the cat is real, the eye is not. Not to say it isn't possible to have a calico colored cat like that with two different colored eyes...however such a combination would be like...winning the cat lottery. This one is clearly fake and the "artist" did an absolute shit job on the original since they couldn't even manage to find a source that had a matching pupil dilation/shape nor did they remember to replicate the flash pattern. If they had been halfway intelligent they would have simply put a selection mask over one eye and then shifted the hue.

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