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April 01, 2008



This is not proof. These pictures suck.
You cant see his face!

Sarah aka KB

Shun the non-believers! Shuunnnn!


I would be convinced, but it's very convenient that right when a fellow Oregon Chris lover shows up and offers to verify proof of Two-Face's existence, all of a sudden Cody decides to tell us that Two-Face is dead and/or stolen. Suspicious, wouldn't you say?


the great two-faced debate of 2008.
i have but one thing to say about this kitty:


i love you, two-face.


I knew it was real.... We use to have a cat like that..."twoface".


You freaking idiots....guess what a calico CAN have that coloration and TWO different colored eyes....

how frickin' stupid can some people be?

Long live (I hope!!) poor maligned Two Face.


Uhh, Julia, there wasn't enough time b/w the posts for that to be true. I'm sure Cody e-mailed that to Chris long before the other Oregon person was posted on site.

I believe in Two-Face, damnit. But I must say Cody seems like a pretty irresponsible cat owner :( Poor Two-Face :(


Cute kitty.

It's just that the eyes are so unusual. I have a calico myself, but both eyes are gold. Not green & blue.


Ok, we all agree this cat is real (or not, what do we care)!!! M'lord can we please go back to normal presentation now ?? :p lol


I smell two-face in the next upcoming episode of CWC :)


HAHAHA shunnn the non-believer, shunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

... i totally agree!


My Lord Chris-
On a completely different topic.
Your fans are legion.
I guess that will shut that person up.
Or just really piss them off.
Too Bad, So Sad.
I think it is very funny.
Just remeber - protect thyself.


I'm just happy the incident resulted in more pictures of kitties - whoever they are.


April Fool's anyone?

killa cam

if the bipolar faced cat is real... i'm not surprised did anyone see the thing it came outta? it's like a multiple raced abortion.


Can we all go home now??????


yay, just like i said "more pictures." but that's kind of cool that there's a cat out there that's like that.

Christina K

Un-freakin-believable! Two face "lost or stolen"? I THINK NOT! This picture is evidence of a crime. Can't you see this for what it is? Two Face is DEAD in this picture!!!

Not as in "All Your Dreams are Dead"...more like "Not Breathing" Dead.

I'm not freakin kidding either. Look at the pupils. Dilated open to the max. I used to work as a vet tech in Maryland and when the animals were put down this is exactly what they looked like!

In PG County MD it was illegal to bury your fury friends. We were suppose to "dispose of them properly" after all was said and done. Many owners would not allow their friend to be sent to an incinerator, so they would wrap them in plastic bags and sneak them home to bury them under the maple tree out back.

Chris, you should take this picture down. It's horrific. And if Cody IS a sicko...he's probably getting a kick out of secretly knowing that hundreds of thousands, I mean MILLIONS, of viewers are looking at his cute, but very dead, cat!


When I was little, we had a dog that had a regular brown eye and the other eye was half white and half brown. Exactly in half.
This stuff happens in paint horses all the time.

Neat cat!


Actually Christina...hes just playing in a plastic bag...cats play in bags, did you not learn that working as a vet ?

Or do you actually believe one would murder a very rare and valuable cat for kicks ?

But I guess you wont take the word of a sicko, so would someone else please explain this to her?


Two Face looks like he has glaucoma in that picture.


Expect an "April fool's" from Christina, Cody. Because if she's serious, she doesn't know what the eff she's talking about... even my cat's eyes can dilate more than that, and it's still alive.

Sarah aka KB

Omg! Let's continue with controversial statements! Looks like he's a satanist, or perhaps Cody is, and Two-Face was sacrificed in some strange ritual involving auto-erotic asphyxiation...

can it be sacrifice with it's auto?? Who cares! Who'd take a pic of their dead cat, and then send it to cwc? Come on!


Christina K needs medication!!!

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