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April 01, 2008



Come on, now. Who would let a LIVE cat play in a plastic bag? And stand around taking pictures of it?


I don't see what could possibly be MORE important than determining the the Truth about Two Face. Wasting time, indeed!

Melissa H.

I've seen my cats eyes dilate so far there was just a sliver of iris visible. My final thought on this subject is a quote from that illustrious songwriter, Mr. Snoop Doggy Dogg: Drop it like it's hot.


Yikes, Christina, thanks for traumatizing me with your paranoid delusions! I'm sure you must be joking but even still. Now when I see an adorable cat playing in a bag I'm going to be reminded of your weirdo post. But ANYWAY, two-face and the mother cat are sooo adorable!! I think we need more mama cats and kittens together!

Amy, UK

Enough. The poor cat is missing, have some tact guys??? Those sort of comments are NOT what us sick people come here for.

Amy, UK


so sad how people are STILL not satisfied. stuff like that is possible... but away, two-face is such a cute kitty!


Aw, the tragic and realistic life of Two-Face!

Cody, fix your fucking cats.

Salina From Maui

Poor Two-face! She was such a cute kitten, too. Poor baby. :( The other cats were just jealous of her rare beauty.


Yay Chris !
Always trying to (gently) educate us.
Using "of" instead of "have" or its contraction is one of my big pet peeves.

Everybody should read "Eats, shoots and leaves". Don't be afraid of the GUN TOTING KILLER PANDA on the cover.

And maybe the pretty two-face had an Angora grandma.

(NotScary) Mary

Spay and neuter your cats so they stop having litter after litter already! Please!

Still, I believe in Two Face. I believe in you.


We had some bad experiences with spaying and neutering cats, in that, the ones we did, soon disappeared afterward, perhaps people feel they are worth stealing if the operation has been done, because we lost 3 cats weeks after doing it.


As for the kitty's eyes being dialated so much...haven't you played with your cat and they get into "huntress mode" - their pupils get freaky big...the cat is clearly playing.


awww lets feel guilty together...


"Christina K" is an anagram for "I Know What a Dead Cat Looks Like".


Shes a kitty Kevorkian.

Shannon in SAN DIEGO

Awwww...poor Two-Face :(


I don't think the fact that Two-Face is now possibly an ex-cat really defies her existance. I know if I had a picture of a really neat cat like that, I'd totally send it in to CWC, ex-cat or not.

My grandma actually used to a have a cat that was all white, with one blue eye and one green eye and six toes on each paw. Her kittens always carried at least one trait, but most were just white.


Hey guys, it's Julie from the first pic analysis. Pretty cool how we got the debate going. But me and Cody are online buddies now after my public apology to Two-face.

Many cats go missing sometimes, and Cody explained to me the whole deal about her getting lost. It's tragic, but acceptable. so, all these comments about how Cody should take more care of his cat, guys don't brutalize the young lad. He's trying. Him and his kitty kozmo are adorable he's still a cat loving CWC believer!

BTW, Cody... <.< you better stop pestering me about that fish stick. NOW!


My family used to have a tomcat that was always affectionate and acted more like a house pet than a barn cat... but after he was neutered he started running off and we wouldn't see him for days at a time, then eventually he stopped coming home at all. We think the other cats in the neighborhood fought him away, and once he lost his manhood he stopped fighting back. Sorry for a sad story, but it's just to say I agree with Cody for not *always* spaying/neutering pets.




oh I must watch Charlie...


Well, I'll be damned.


Oh, what, your cats only want gourmet fish? sheesh talk about spoiled pets!


Two-face's life needs to be turned into a feature film.

The Tale of Two-Face

Born different, he was shunned and attacked by his own family. One day a charming circus man lured Two-face off with promises of a better life. But these were empty promises. Two-face sat in a cold cell all day...and performed for a jeering audience every night. Fortunately, Two-Face managed to escape one night, when the circus man got drunk and absent-mindedly left the cage door open. But it was only the beginning of trouble for our hero. Unable to find work, and without family or friend, Two-Face sits and cries in a dark alley, with only a moldy cardboard box lid to shield him from the bitter rain. Little does Two-Face know that he has been catapulted to internet fame by his former owner, and that an animal talent agent is frantically trying to reach the infamous cat.

Will Two-Face ever find fame and happiness, and in the process learn to love himself?



Cody-- ok, I feel bad since I get the feeling you're a kid, so Family of Cody-- how about fixing your pets and keeping them indoors? It's healthier for them, and 3 to 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the US each year because of overpopulation. It's up to people on an individual level to not contribute to the problem.


Who killed Laura Palmer?!?

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