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April 24, 2008



Was she born that way or did she make a choice?


The last part of his letter just grossed me out... WHY?!?!


Suck it Bobby! My neck, my back, my p..... and my cr...


Holy crap, thats her TONGUE! I though she stole a hot dog!





that's fantastic


Holy crap. My old male Lhasa was gay. He loved males and even the straightest males "loved" him. Honestly, I think most dogs are bi (I think that about humans too, but most people don't appreciate it so I keep that opinion on the down low). But I totally "get" this because my dog was so gay, there was no mistaking it. No one actually believed it till they saw him in "action". What a fantastic lil guy he was. I miss him!


LOL buggy_ju, I thought I was the only person in the world who had that song stuck in their head! You know, it's a very dance-educing song, when I'm in a private place. Otherwise, it just seems a little pervy. Gosh darn, now I'm going to have those lyrics with me all day.

c h r i s s y

Ew, Paul, was that necessary? Haha.


What happened to her tail? It looks weird. Did someone cut it off? Why would someone do that? I've heard about people cutting off dogs' tails and I've always thought it's a practice that should be abandoned. Why would you mutilate a creature? Weren't they fine enough the way god made them? Why put them through such suffering for your own vain paradigm? That's just sad. What kind of person does that to someone they care about? Who cuts off dog's tails? Not a friend of mine.


Karen, it looks like the dog's tail was cut off. I don't agree with it either. I don't understand why people do that. But she looks happy enough. She's loved and cared about and that's what really matters. Many dogs are put to sleep everyday. This beautiful lady dog is alive and loved. Credit where credit is due.


it's very common to cut off boxer's tails (and sometimes ears). in fact, i've owned boxers all my life, and i've never seen a boxer with it's full tail.

i don't think the female boxers are lesbians, i think they're just bored and trying to show that they are in charge. i've had female boxers and they'll hump other female boxers, but i wouldn't go so far as to classify their sexuality so exclusively. :p


boxer's tails are almost always cut off because of happy tail. may want to look it up before claiming anything to be sad.


I agree with the post that said it looked like a hot dog. Dude, her tongue looks like a hot dog.


Is that pink toenail polish on her hind left leg?



My boyfriend's roommate's cat is a lesbian. She watches me towel off after a shower. It's awkward. She also has a foot fetish. That cat will lick your toes all day long.


ok, ppl please read the info on happy tail b4 u get sad, i was sad at first when ppl cut off their dog's tails, but after reading about happy tail, i was convinced it was better for the dog.
although i donno why ppl cut off their ears, i mean ive heard that ppl cut off ears of sheep guard dogs so that when they fight wolves, they are less prone to bites and infections, but in a perfect world i donno, can someone let me know why, (other than ppl have been doing that for a long time...)


I had two gay cats .... Tiger & Tuffy. They were purrrfet partners. Tuffy was a stray tabby that cam into my life & was all muscles Tiger was an orange fluffy ...very feminine.
Anyhoo .. I was living on acreage and also boarding horses ... Tiger was run over by one of the horse owners. After that Tuffy just disappeared. Knowing Tuffy, & missing Tiger .... he started out on another one of life's journeys. He is out there in Saskatchewan somewhere looking for his brokeback mountain. .... Thanks all for letting me have this therapy time.


Well, her name is Bobby...
There's your problem.


My boxer, Sadie, is the same way. Only she's really partial to our pitbull, Roxie.


My boxer, Sadie, is the same way. Only she's really partial to our pitbull, Roxie.


My boxer, Sadie, is the same way. Only she's really partial to our pitbull, Roxie.


Looks like a hotdog sticking out of her mouth. She must really hate males..


Thats a hotdog stickin out of her mouth, not her tounge, u would have to be mental to not know tht.


Bobby is short for Roberta.
Just like Bob is short for Robert.

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