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May 07, 2008


Bridgeen in TORONTO

Aw, those two are ADORABLE. Yay Autumn for rescueing them!!


How can a puppy be 'rescued' from a puppy mill, I mean only if someone broke in, and took them secretly would they be 'rescued', if they were 'rescued' by being bought, that was just actually supporting the puppy mill to breed and mistreat more dogs.


Cutey fluff-bundles! Thanks for the education about chows... Thanks for your beneficence, too. "Ula" must be short for "Ursula" which is actually Latin for little bear.

Did you find them in a shelter after they were removed from the puppymill? They look spunky now!


Vote for Chris!

Frankie (I'm a girl!) in Oz

Sad story but HILARIOUS photo!


To Questioning: Actually, dogs can be rescued from puppy mills. When puppy mills are finally raided and shut down, the dogs are removed and in need of rescue.

Guess that shut your piehole, ms. judgmental.

To Autumn: thank you so much for sending in pics of your GORGEOUS dogs! Ula's story was a sad one, and I hope anyone considering buying a dog from a pet store thinks of Ula's story and decides not to.


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Thanks to increasing media coverage of the issue, lots of puppy mills are getting busted now for being unlicensed and having awful living conditions for the dogs. Autumn probably adopted her dogs from a group who received the dogs after the bust. It is commendable to adopt a dog from that background, because as she points out, most have deep emotional scars (a great number have physical scars and ongoing illnesses, too). I personally have so much respect for people who have the patience and heart to adopt and animal who may not give the 'instant gratification' it seems our society demands may have to work with such animals for months before getting your reward of his/her trust and love, but it's SO worth it! :-)


I've never met a nice Chow Chow.
I have known a few and been chased by one of them.
My in-laws have a Collie-Chow mix who is the coolest dog ever, though. But as far as purebreds go, nope. :^(


A number tattooed on her belly?? That is awful. People suck.

I encourage all to adopt dogs from places other than pet shops! I have never taken in an animal from an establishment. The closest I got was a bunny breeder, but she was home based and looked after the bunnies nicely.

I have a Boxer who we adopted through a family who couldn't keep her and the next dog we get will either be through a rescue or animal shelter or private owner.

I LOVE Chows, but they are particular dogs. My friends have one and while I think she's adorable I'm still trying to make friends with her. She likes to tease me. Last time I sat down with her I got a paw for a second before she decided "no." LoL.


Meli, you are very understanding!! Wnenever you get a dog, you will be a great, considerate companion. :-)


Those too are sweethearts!

I have a friend who has a chow that she's nicknamed TUUPID. Because Stupid just didn't seem to say it. Those two look a fair bit smarter, though. :-)


cutest dog EVER but such a sad story :(

i was wondering, are they rele hard to groom,
and do they shed hair everywhere?

since i'd like to know if my fantasy dog is going to shed on my fantasy furniture ^^


There are people who will rescue dogs from puppy mills. Usually the idiot who runs the place will call a rescuer he has developed a relationship with and give a small window of opportunity (like 2 hours) for the rescuer to come pick up dogs they don't want anymore. These are usually older males and worn out females who have been bred to near death. Otherwise, they take these dogs and shoot them. It's disgusting.


blue tongue!


Chows rock. We had a few when growing up. Mine were very loyal, kind of aloof and independent. I always thought that if there was a dog that was most like a cat, it would be a chow.

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