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June 28, 2008



Here's an idea for Sam, since we have all these mythical creatures popping up on CWC: unicorns, gnomes, Steve Guttenberg.

You should totally blog about where you and your unicorn have been, your quest to find him, and all the adventures therein. Personally, I think your quest should take you to DragonCon in Atlanta where you find your unicorn waiting in line for Michael Dorn's signature.


Dear all,

This is Sam the original poster of these pics. I know what your all thinking, "who the eff is this kid and why would he pose as an obviously cooler kid?!" And i have to say this, im not posing, this is really sam, owner of lucky the unicorn. I've had lucky for a long time and we are both very greatfull for our recognition. Let me answer a few questions.
1) its not photoshoped, if it was photoshoped, why does it look so real?
2) Route 83 is in elmhurst il
4) yes, we are awesome.
5) i did not steal this from harry potter, harry stole it from me!


sam from illinois


Sam, I'm glad you're man enough to admit that Lucky is a unicorn, and not a "uhh... horse with a sword. yeah... that's it." Having a pet unicorn does not make you any less of a man.


I love you, Sam. Haha Little Ben!


horses are my favorite animal!I LOVE yours!


Magical meadows of dreams!You wish wierd guy.


Darky, its not a horse.

get it right.



This is so great on so many levels.


wow,owners reley do start 2 look like there unicorns !
I know i look like mine.


Haha, hey Sam, I live in Lombard, I think I saw your unicorn fly over a couple weeks ago, you should put a collar on him, he was trying to steal my magical wolf


Is this guy on drugs or something?


It doesn't look real to me. It's obviously photoshop. Why does light shines on the unicorn and not you? Furthermore, it looks like a statue or a picture. Don't get me started on the walls, real or animated?

Take a picture of you standing next to it. Maybe then I'll believe you.


Dear Dylan,

sorry, but dude... of course its photoshop. Its unicorn for christsake, get some imagination and happyiness


I just needed you to confirm that. I saw it coming. It's funny how your last comment contradicts the other.


omg we have to save thoses unicorns!!!!! for all we know lucky could be the only one left!! my friend said that unicorns live in africa we must search there first!!


uh, "xerxys". can i just say DUH!!!!!!!!


uh, "xerxys". can i just say DUH!!!!!!!!

The Lord of the Unicorns

I am the Lord of the Unicorns. Unicorns are magical creatures. I am their lord. One of my duties is to keep track of every Unicorn that is still alive. Sam does not keep one in the Magical Medows of Dreams. That is where the faeries live. Unicorns live in the forest and the woods. They are the spirit and soul of the the forests and the woods. Every time you humans cut trees, you are making the Unicorn weaker and weaker. Eventually the Unicorn will die. Now the Unicorns live in secret, but sometimes they are seen flying in the sky, coming to visit their friends or coming to me. Sometimes Unicorns are found and killed for their blood. Just to say, Unicorn blood does NOT make people immortal. Save the Unicorns!!!!!


oooh sam, we should set a play date with magically delicious, my fairy princess queen! She loves to frolick in the woods of shear delight behind my house! We keep a manticore on guard just outside so no one can venture into the woods, perhaps your unicorn would be safe there... Magically Delicious says there ar many magical creatures in the woods she plays with... but they are shy, so I haven't seen them yet. But one day!.. one day...

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