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June 13, 2008





the highlights are great, its the cut that sucks


go blue!

Connie in Ohio

I really thought that she was going to go "Rainbow Brite" on us. I think it looks really cute.


honestly, yes.. i agree with jenny ^

Tracy a girl got highlights. Okay......


Yes, this is a pointless post. Chris won't post my adorable cat, but "Cat" gets to take center stage because she put chemicals on her head? Bah humbug.


no reason for anger, its cute!


aw. I was expecting something spiky and unnaturally colored. your hair looks cute even if it was a let-down for me :-)


Dude. That looks like crap. I'm sorry, it's not even blond, it looks like a dye job and a dye job should look natural... just like makeup is made to enhance the face, not make one look like she is wearing makeup. If I were you, I'd go down to your local beauty supply store, pick up some bright pink or purple or orange or fire engine red MANIC PANIC hair dye and just go all out bright, because as is, it's not wild nor crazy, it doesn't look good, and anyone is better off with bright purple hair through the summer, you dig?


Anyone remember Corky from LIFE GOES ON?

Yeah, if you're going to go WILD, go wild!


I like the color, but I'm not that crazy about the cut, but then, it'll grow. But be mad anyway, just for the practice.


Oooof. Sorry. Now you gotta shave it and start from scratch.
P.S. Where is the fuzzy thing?


It doesn't look bad at all! It might not be the ideal color, but it's very cute! And besides, if you went to the hairdresser without a specific plan, then you can't really be mad about whatever they happen to do…


I like it.


So cute Cat! Also now if you have a party to go to you can add fun temp color and it will show up. Tres cuteness. I have had awful cuts before and even though if it's really bad you'll want to cry for like 5 minutes (unless your wedding is coming up or similar life event) it really is just hair.


Be mad. The extreme shortness of your hair and your square face make you look like a boy.


i would be furious. there's nothing wild or wacky about short blonde hair!! they should have done a little pink or something to spice it up. i hope u didnt give the stylist a big tip!


Cat, I think you should be the directress for Lady Brenda's School of Teenage Dance. Apparently it is still unbuilt AND unstaffed.
I am 51teen and chaperoning the prom next week. Do you think Will and his friends could get the structure build by Wednesday? And start lessons right away? The last dance I learned was the Frug.


i was disapointed. I mean, you have the makings of some awesome hair, its short and edgy. But the color is too outdated 90s. I think you should dye it hot pink. Yesh, hot pink. Then you would look sexy and edgy.. not 90s highlights edgy.


WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE CULT? This is not what you sick people come here for! If there was a cute animal on your head, or lotion...THEN we would worship you.
I liked the before color better, but I am a heterosexual man and am not permitted beyond this point.
Oh wait, your NAME is Cat, gotcha.


I think you should grow ur hair out long u seem to look like you have very nice thick hair I thing you should grow it out past ur shoulders and use a curling iron <3 Kayla


I would be angry. It looks short and boyish. Like what a boy's hair would look like.

But just a word of advice if you decide to go and get it fixed; don't go to the same place. They did bad before, they'll do bad again.

Brett P.

I think it looks great!


It looks nice. I've never highlited my hair. lol! But I'm only 16, so I have ages to go.

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