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June 03, 2008



w00000000000t first comment, bitch.

sir randall littlebottom

w000000000000000000t second comment,inferior woman!

grammar bully

Lady Brenda's editor says, Change the exclamation point to a question mark.


I'm just puzzled because I can't figure out if the girl in the picture is looking down and that's her ponytail up above her head...or is she looking up and breathing fire? Does Lady Brenda's dance instruction technique include fire breathing? If it does, can I sign up for lessons even if I'm not a teenager? I'm 40-sixteen.


Of course she's breathing fire. It's a classic dance from the town of Cabra in Spain. All teenagers there know it.


i wish i had photoshop!


I thought that was a map of the world coming out of her head and just now realized it's a ponytail.

cady is cool

Im working on a video right now. Should have it in soon~ :)


What are the guidelines for ad submissions? I am trying to keep it at 200k but it looks like fuzzy crap.

Sean from New York

pshhh i can do better then that?!!!!


OH! Someone (hint: Colin in Chicago) is not good in syntax... A question should end with a question mark!

Colin (From Chicago)

The ! (exclamation point) is there to increase excitement about how the group SHOULD exist... all of my dreams are dead :(


I made one but how do I send it?


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