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June 04, 2008



Your gloves just play nice right now. But some day you will say "I wish I had this third-degree burns instead of what my gloves did to me!". Pay attention - gloves = pure evil.


It's not that gloves aren't necessary for certain tasks. I just think it's safe to say that everybody's sick of their bullshit, and they should stop thinking they're better than everybody else.


Chris wants all his fans to be naked. This is a very slow process. First - he removed towels from their lives. Now he is doing exactly the same thing with gloves. Pants will be next!


I gotta agree with Melissa on this one. Gloves have never done me wrong.


I gotta agree with Melissa on this one. Gloves have never done me wrong.


Yea! I feel safe to come out of my gloves closet and state proudly. . ."I love you, gloves!"

Thank you, Melissa, for helping to give me strength.


my name is leslie, and i love gloves!

cramer j

shame on you sick people. take your love of gloves and go to hell? whats next? the love of charles from ventura?

Emmy Celeste

Hey alkaline, you forgot least from the men (thank the Lord..ur..ummm..chris)...mmm...manflesh...SHIRTLESS!!!


Dead human flesh...-shudders- I think Melissa makes a valid argue in favor of gloves. While I personally dislike gloves I do benefit from their usefulness from time to time.

Katy from Texas

Gloves just need to stop being so stuck up, and realize that they're just an acessory like everyone else. Then, maybe I'll think about letting them back into my home.


I am Melissas BFF and I just wanted to say that I'm proud of you for standing up for the gloves. They have been endlessly useful in labs and I love you! Yay CWC!

Mark Panzarino

Dear Chris,

Here we are again, just a few days before the big Go-To-Hell-Gloves-Fiesta-2009!, and we haven't heard a peep about your plans.

You have a responsibility to your viewers to take a stand against gloves. They demoralize and threaten the very fabric of society, especially when that fabric is wool or latex. So please, Chris. Please speak out against gloves.

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