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June 27, 2008



ooh, Chris is all wet today! Delicious...


chris u still got it :D

last week's episode dissapointed me a bit but now you've done it again :D

cant wait till next week :)

keep up the good work



I was just wondering, what's with the stain on your shirt that get progressively bigger during the show?

Sarah aka KB

Hilarious! And the urge to make barf has never been so strong...


i agree with annie. what the hell was that?

i thought you were barf acting? emphasis on the acting...


the stain looks like sweat... eww chris, shower much?


Hey, Chris, do you have the barf video in an un-encoded format (I.E. Not youtube) so I don't have to screen capture it?


Chis is mad sexy, no matter about stains and showers or barfing. oh, and i vote for Lua in the cutedown.

I heart CWC!


it's about 7000 degrees in LA right now. it's sweat.


chris are we supposed to take the puking scene right of the you tube clip or are you going to put up the actual video file


I'm glad to see Colty taking an active role in the show again. She was a bit of a slacker for a while there.

And I'm pretty sure the shirt stain is animated barf splashback. Nice attention to detail, Chris!

c h r i s s y

This was a good one. No more Ian the Cat crap, PLEEEASE. :D


All the way
And I have to say Im glad you finally posted something its been awhile:)


we're sorry but this video is no longer availabe?


"It's fun to feel soary for things."

Yup, Colty's Canadian.


I love that Chris just keeps getting sweatier but never mentions it during the show. I guess walk-up apartments in LA don't have A/C.


"I guess walk-up apartments in LA don't have A/C."

some do, but they are usually from like 1976, and thus inadequate in any real heat, and seriously, IT'S BEEN REALLY FUCKING HOT HERE YOU HAVE NO IDEA.


robin Perry

Maybe we could convince Chris to remove his shirt.. as a loyal gay bear I feel i deserve that!


Chris you're lactating! Oh noes!


why didn't anyone come up with that idea sooner? SHIRTLESS CHRIS!!!!!

and my vote goes to sheena, I love those dogs!


Hey Chris, just put this somewhere on your site and you should be on good terms with China: 我爱中华人民共和国啊 It means I love the Peoples Republic of China and it is pronounced: Wo ai Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo a! (woah aye jonghwa renmean gonghehgwo ah) also, I think Sheena should win

Laura in Nebraska

The other day I watched Monty Python's The Meaning of Life for the first time and I haven't been able to get the puking scene ("The Autumn Years") out of my head... Now I come to the website and-- tada!-- more throw-up. :/

Despite the overwhelming amount of fake vomit I've witnessed lately, I still can't wait to see all the creative cult members show off their skillz. Hooray for barf animation!

Katie C

Yes...I'm *also* wondering about the stain on your shirt... It's very intriguing. :)

And don't worry Chris, I don't think that it's a personal issue with China. I think they just hate EVERYONE in the US right now. Why else would they be reinstating the use of lead-based paint in our children's toys?

Dick Cheney

You are going to be barfing so many rainbows. It's like barf but cuuuuuuuuute!

Melissa H.

Wow, what a coincidence! I just got back from the laundromat to a hairball on the living room floor. Then I checked out your website. I don't have video of the actual barfing, but I could send you the hairball.

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