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June 22, 2008


Sarah aka KB

No, what we really want to know is what's with the gnomes?


i want to know what the gnomes want with steve guttenburg.
is he their god?


No! What we want to know is why Chris would call the HEARTH the mantle... :)


steve guttenburg is one tough manly 'cat' (as in 'hipster').


I had garden gnomes but they kept disappearing. I thought they ran away. Now I know that if I had wanted to keep them in my yard, I should have buried a copy of Police Academy (on VHS) to keep them happy and at home.


omg and where did you find those amazing gnomes?!

Bridgeen in TORONTO

Exactly what I was thinking Chris. And LOL at your comment kurisutin. That must be it. (and LOL at your comment too - Drunkbunny)

I also want to know what's up with the gnomes attire. One is wearing a grass skirt and the other looks like it's ready to go to the beach.


Are all the walls in that house that bright colour of yellow?


LOL at chris....and LOL at all the comments so far....hahaha...


Ok, I actually have a question about SPIKE. ;-) He is beautiful - I love black cats. I don't see a tail, it just behind him, or is he a manx? I have a black manx, and I've never seen another cat that looks so much like him! (And mine is also a 'pansy'! I call him my scaredy-cat.)


Nah, Chris, that's an autographed photo of Steve Guttenberg on the HEARTH.


Yo. Everyone seems so concerned with the gnomes and the all-mighty Steve Guttenberg. What I really want to know is...what is up with the winged pig???? Is that cast iron? Pure awesomeness.


i particularly like the gnome with the hula skirt.


perhaps this is a staged hearth scene and not her usual household decor?

Jenny from Iowa

Actually, if you came into my house today, it would look basically the same. I had a tree on the other side of the fireplace, but I killed it within 6 months. Luckily, I am better with animals.

jake rhymes with cake

what i want to know about: WHY THE EFF ARE THERE GNOMES IN YOUR APT?!!

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