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June 25, 2008



Aw. My dog does that, except it looks more like a nazi salute than him offereing his paw to be kissed.


smooch... smooch.



Bridgeen in TORONTO

Saratoga is a BEAUTIFUL cat. Wow. He almost looks like a lion. Minus the maine. And with gray fur.

White Toe is a pretty kitty too :). What kind of a name is "White Toe" anyway?

Oh and yet again Chris, you have outdone yourself. Now the KITTENS are JOKERS TOO?

Sweet! :D

Édith from québec

may I .. eat.. the paw???



Melissa (the one who owns Saratoga)

To Bridgeen in TORONTO: Thanks! Saratoga is a very cute young cat. She just recently became a mother. She has one beautiful kitten that just started to open its eyes. We are not sure if it is a boy or a girl yet...We think it might be a girl, though. Any tips on raising the kitten is greatly appreciated! :)

Also, she demands that her paw be kissed...

Melissa H.

Yeah, whenever my cats do that and I try to kiss the paw, it gets jerked away. You have to sneak up on them.

Melissa (the one who owns Saratoga)

Thanks for posting the picture of my cat, Chris! :D

Bridgeen in TORONTO

Oh sorry Melissa! I didn't realize Saratoga was a girl kitty. Then I guess she looks like a lionESS lol.

And as for advice on raising kittens.... I'm no expert, but I bet just having a loving home, somebody to play with them, and the proper food (and amount of it) as they grow sounds like the best you could possibly do for a kitten. :)

Melissa (the one who owns Saratoga)

That's ok! Thanks for the advice, Bridgeen!


suck it tanya

Halfacre Merkel

Love its look.Pretty awesome!

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