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June 04, 2008



Its gotta be CWC, not the death of its director!


Yeah that and Sydney Pollack passed away recently.


Do not underestimate the power of CWC...


Movie making people should use you in advertising things.


btw i was first to see that imdb thing lol
I guess you dont look at your profile because of all the spam.


Aww, Chris's ranking is down 5%....perhaps that's just because when you're at the top, it's easier to fall a few points than climb any higher.

cramer j

its not sydney pollack, its CWC. who the hells gonna log onto imdb becasue they hear pollacks dead? it doesn't make sense. his wiki page sure but not imdb. do not sirk the power of the cult!

Kelly Grace

That's awesome!!! :D


Give me a goddamn break. The increase in traffic is because the director of Tootsie Sydney Pollack died. It has nothing to do with Cute with Chris.


Yea, Who would go look up a movie because the director, Sydney Pollack, died? I mean, maybe a few went but certainly not 1436%
Give me one good reason why hearing the the director of a movie died would even make you go look it up on IMDB, and if it's actually logical I might consider it.

Chris did this, it's obvious. Think of how many people watch CWC... if people hear about Tootsie from him, they're going to look it up.

Chris, if you were to actually advertise just a little bit, you could completly quit whatever job you have. (What DO you do to get money? Or are you just freakishly rich?)

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