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June 03, 2008



Original, stirring, and daringly provocative. A dark edge of teenage angst underlying the highlighter yellow background. Don't forget to add a question-mark. Nice touch with the high socks.

they turned my name into a birthcontrol pill

Somebody get this kid on broadway!
his quasi-powerstance is oddly alluring

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

...Everyone's specail.


Whoo! I vote for this one.

1) Because this guy had the guts to put himself out there like that and
2) Because it's not a bunch of skinny teenagers reminding me of my lost youth.

So there! Pbbbbppppttttttttttt!!!!!!

Sean from New York

SWEET THIS IS MINE!!!! Wow i'd never think this would get on!!! Awesome... its me guys this is my "ad" awesome! that was my rough draft just picture it when i'm done!!!


This one's funny and cute.


it realy should exixt ! i'd go., maby...i do hate danceing , but it sounds so damnd good.!

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