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June 11, 2008


Sean from New York get a life... grow up... ur not 7 anymore its ok to say these things... that why chris has what you sick people come here for, because you are one of the sickest i've seen on this website... good luck!

brennen from kamloops

kamloops IS amazing like that. we also have claim to be the tournament capital of canada, and have thus named our major sports centre "tournament capital centre." and our coliseum, which used to be "riverside coliseum" has now been named "interior savings centre" after a local credit union, great tact, right?

Adriwise Gamgee

Maybe he is a midget and wants to show the world how he sees things... LOL :P


Hahaha... I LOVE IT! How funny! I would have taken the same picture.


it's britney bitch! and shes not wearing panties! OMG.


haha i live in kamloops and it has amazing art like this alll over town...this is just a small exsample.

Ally from Surrey

That girl looks like a total whore.


I <3 this picture. :)

Micaela from KAMLOOPS

AHAHAHAH I didnt even know the mural changed at riverside park. what the friggin hell is up with that?

I'm surprised the guy who painted it didn't get knifed while working down there. Unless he painted it pretty fast.


knifed? in broad daylight? in kamloops... ok you must be from the kelowldna tourist board.

Micaela from KAMLOOPS

No dude! I've lived downtown all my life! There was an article recently about all the muggings in Riverside. That's how that young man that went missing in the river recently died! The cops were chasing him because they believed he was involved in mugging someone, and he jumped into the river to escape them and drowned.

PAY ATTENTION! You must be a sahali/aberdeen dweller.

Lauren from Port Moody

Yea when this picture was taken we got totally lost trying to find the beach and there were cops blocking off half the bridge, and all these search boats and helicopters were by the river. Pretty odd. Oh, and as for it being the tournament capital of Canada...I was there for a softball tournament. Guess it really is.


Lauren, they were looking for a dead body that time, I think. This guy named John took a dive off the bridge and never came up.

I've lived in Kamloops my whole life. I don't hear much about people being attacked in the daylight, but I hear a fair bit about stuff happening in Riverside at night. Knifings, suicides, etc.

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