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June 27, 2008


Bridgeen in TORONTO

" a picture of Ralph Macchio, of Karate Kid fame, that I change out from time to time as necessary."

lol "as necessary"

What, does she have certain guests that like one or the other, but never both? CAN THEY NOT COEXIST?!

Bridgeen in TORONTO

Oh and Chris you've really upt the ante with the Joker banner. NICE! You really ARE the spitting image of Heath Ledger now! :D

And not that your aht is not magnificent and inspiring Milord, but was the new banner perhaps created by a fan?


My life is enriched for having this clarification...


Thanks for the clarification . . .I can go on living now.


LOL. gnomes...
Chris. I really don't know who says your barf acting is messed by the way, but you got mad skills with that banner.

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

My wireless has been down for a while - so I don't even care about the answer - I am just glad someone asked!


OMG Ralph looks hot in that picture! Whoo-hoo!


Aw Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" in my head now....mmmmm.

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

OH Thank Chris for CRAZY GLUE!


Oh my goodness, Jenny may be the coolest person on the planet. I sincerely hope she someday completes her "Three Men and a Baby" collection.


OH!!! i love the beach bum gnomes!!! i need to get some!!! I LOVE IT!! thank you for the story!!!


One question remains: You know you're nuts, right?

Jenny from Iowa

Fully aware...thanks for the reminder


So, where is ralph now? How old is that picture? It looks a few decades old! LOVED him in Karate Kid. Last time I remember seeing him was My Cousin Vinnie.

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