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July 05, 2008



Poor babies =(


Poor babies.... I want to cry...

Abby in Vegas (with 5 cats)

Chris, thanks so much for featuring this with the link to the Shelby County rescue group. If you click on the link you can donate to help with the kittens care. I think it is great you are increasing awareness for their cause by choosing to feature them so prominently.


Poor babies, I hope they get lots of love =)


it's what sick people come here for.


That was the most horrific thing I've ever seen.. Does this woman think this is some form of "giving" back to these blind kittens? It's disgusting.. they're animals, not rag dolls.

Lisette in Australia

To Andrea: the buttons aren't sewn on for decoration,but to save their damaged eyes.I remember reading in "The Diving Bell & the Butterfly" ,the author,Jean-Dominique Bauby(extraordinary book,BTW,bought it 5 yrs ago & gave a copy to all my friends) describes his experience of having 'locked-in' syndrome,an extreme form of paralysis.One of his eyelids had to be sewn up to save his eye,as it had dried out and was damaging his cornea.So even in humans,this is not a new medical treatment.


Oh God no!


The buttons are there so that the thread does not cut into the kitten's eyelid as it heals. Please read the description before you post.

That said, I also found these pics to be enormously disturbing. I realize that this is a possibly sight-saving medical procedure, but something about the contrast between the cheery orange buttons and the pitiful, blind kittens with horrible eye-infections just messes with my head.

I wonder how the kittens are doing now?

KerryAnn May

The kittens got their buttons off last week. We are very confident that Abner, the one that only had one damaged eye, sees out of it and will have a complete recovery.

Daisy's one eye is healed and doing great. Her other eye, well, not so much. We believe we will have to have it removed. We revisit the vet on Monday.

But they are bouncing off the walls and having a great kitten life! Don't feel sorry for them; its a necessary procedure for their own health and well being!

I got quite a few pledges last week and couldn't figure out from who. No one on my mailing list. Then I figured out it must have been been from all the awesome CWC viewers! Thank you everyone! I'll keep everyone posted.

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