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July 21, 2008



M I S T A K E !!!!!


Sooo....Did they put a bowl on your head when they put in the ORANGE stuff??? cuz that's quite a line of demarcation between the colors there!.....p.s. do something about the lip treatment. I hate when cute girls get this bored....your hobby should not be your looks.


No need for rudeness in the cult. She looks nice either way, I personally like the after. Makes her look a little punky.


yikes! the cat ladies have bared claws....


befor. befor befor befor. just - befor. i dont even wanna look at the after again. it looks like a witch wig fell in a bucket of red paint and plopped itself down on your head.

so ya, definately befor.

emilyrl from youtube! :)

I'm not going to be MEAN like SOME people!

I will say that I think she looked SOOOO much better in her before picture. She looked prim and very neat, the new do does her no justice.

plastic police

nice implants


I think she would've looked better if she had just done all the dark color without the red. But I do like the after more, it's much more unique and stands out. In the 'before' she just looks like...well, everybody else.


Okay, the dark brown on top I think could work. Brings out her eyes. She is a cute girl. But red? W/ a hot pink dress? wtf?

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Prostitute much?



Looks like someone wove bloody entrails into her hair.

I like it!


yeah, my full time job is actually attention whore, but I also do pole dancing and amateur porn on the side. But, c'mon Chris, you know there was no sex devil outfit... you totally added that.


We think Sarah should get over herself.


i like how she's included "bikini person" w/her new hair persona...before hair is much better, but new hair looks fun for the club...either way, pretty girl, so can't go too wrong.


I like the first so much better. classy.

the second is ... trashy. I dont care how trendy it is.

no worries, it can be fixed. I hope those curls arent permed in.


Eh, first picture looked alright, but I would have gone with a little less red on the second.

the angry intern

the 2nd one is nice. I'm just glad she didn't cut the hair. I tend to like girls with curlier hair over straight hair and the coloring I think is very nice. Plus in the before pic she doesn't look that happy, kind of a fake smile. The after picture is a nice genuine smile and makes her that much more gorgeous!

c h r i s s y

I remember seeing her about 3 other times on here I think. It's like Ian the Cat with boobs! I don't like Ian the Cat. But I'll be nice and not mean like others, she's cute even with the shakira-hair.

sarah d.

pretty girl. trampy style.

style says: stripper.

note to pretty girl:
stop objectifying yourself.

and, yes, getting fake boobs means that you are turning yourself into more of an object.


Love Love Love the new do!!!

Tania Pereira

the red curls and looking like a skank reminds me of coconut sented strippers


Let's back off people. She looks fine both ways. Its not s huge deal. She's pretty regardless. I think its sad if the first thing people think when they look at someone's picture is they're a skank/whore (Unless of course they're proving it in the picture). WTF mate?


after makes me want to die. a lot.


The before is pretty. The after doesn't look as put togther. However, in the after photo, the darker color (before it turns red) looks really pretty next to her eyes. If she did that color with a sleek bob she would look super hot AND classy! Pretty girl! Don't be mean to her!


she has some rockin' new hair!
ok, CCLs, calm down! just cos she's an attention whore doesnt make her a technical being really nice right now despite the fact she has the word "tiara" in her myspace url...

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