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July 12, 2008



That's sweet Mike, major karma points to you....

c h r i s s y

At least you tried, Mike! :)


im glad u tried. its sad he died:(


im glad u tried. its sad he died:(


Baby squirrels need to eat every 4 hours, including through the night, just like human babies. Unfortunately, it's really easy for them to aspirate the formula, so sometimes despite our best efforts, we lose them. But kudos to you for trying! At least you were able to make that squirrel safe and warm up until the end :)

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

Mike you not only TRIED - which most people

wouldn't have, I bet you really pissed those

little rat ass skateboarders off!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thanks for the kind words. Compassion for all, hey.


Graham the Great

Hey Mike, and Chris...

It is very sad that a poor baby squirrel died. But if it makes you feel any better my mom was an animal lover and she's dead too... so i think wherever she went she's taking care of the animals that need love.

Continue to be kind.

Graham loves you, Just like Jesus


My mom died too Graham when I was 23teen. She literally died in my arms. I like to think she is laughing her butt off at me for trying to hard.


vibram fivefingers

Thanks for the shout out... It was an honor and privilege to take the pressure off of you during your LIVE tour...

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