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July 19, 2008



thats crazy! its nice to know our uniforms are so well qualified!

*my cat's name is Paris too! :)


You mean to tell me that three burly guys, each of whom was twice the size of that bear cub, took that long to take it down?

If it was a cougar? Maybe. If it was a full-grown bear? Sure. But the thing was smaller than some dogs I've had. Sheesh.

Poor bear was probably confused and wanted its mama.


But what happened to Paris?
Did the bear try to nibble her or what?
Did these burly types shoot the cat instead of the bear?
OOOOOOh the suspense....


Exactly ^^^ This story has everything, except the most important final outcome for Paris the cat!?!?!? (I had a cat once name Paris the Rabbit Cat, but she wandered away after a couple months and never came back).


yes, Paris the cat is FINE ... he happened to omit this fact from the story


yay - glad to hear that Paris the cat is fine - I too was wondering how the cat was and what she thought of being cooped up with a bear!

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

WOW - MARK I sent in jer jer shave down and

*crap* It's nutin compared to THIS post!

IS PARIS OK for the love of Chris!


So ... What happened to the cat!?!?!?!?


Those are great pics. A bear, wow! Glad it came out alright. Remember kids, always read the manual before operating a gun.

Abby in Vegas

what happened to the cat?!!!!!!!!!!!!


The pic of the bear licking the floor is cuuuuuute! I've been there (usually around 5am)...


Paris the Cat is alive and well. She climbed up into the rafters during the whole ordeal and immerged several hours later a bit paranoid but fine nonetheless. I will try to take some shots of her and send them in soon.

-Mark 25teen in Cali.


Your post was worth the wait-- funny, and what a cute bear. I like your myspace, too! :)

Melissa (the one who owns Saratoga)

They missed the bear from 6 feet away and they had a scope on the rifle? That is just sad...

I definitely would not have missed from 6 feet away, even if I didn't have a rifle scope.


4 men, rifle with a scope and year-old black bear cub that is presumably just weaned and bit confused about the world. And it took so long for them to get it tranquilized. Awesome.

In finnish we call these just weaned 1yo bear cubs "eraus" and many of them wander in freeways, backyard composts and honey farms to make harm.

Good to hear that Paris the Cat is safe and sound.

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