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July 08, 2008


Tania Pereira

its true a good hair cut can make a person more desireable to others so now some advice your you crazy lonely cat ladies
if the idea of becoming a lesbian to make things easier doesnt apeal to you, i suggest finding a moderately attractive perhaps chubby man to fall in love with with gross long hair.. win him over with your crazy cat lady charm then convince him hed look hawt with a nice hair cut and voila! youll have more than a crazy clog wearing cat lady could ever dream of having!


I concur.


no. no. no. NO. No more hairstyle posts! Unless it's a picture of someone's hair being transformed into a puppy, I don't want to see it taking up space where there could be a picture of a puppy.


Exactly! More puppies and kittens and less haircuts!!

c h r i s s y

He is cuter. That woman, is not.

Hey Greta from Ohio. My dog's name is Greta and she's from Ohio too!! :D


i completely agree about the "hair theory"

hair is EVERYTHING! ppl are nothing w/o their hair. you can look completely different JUST because of your hair style.

this picture of the guy really proves it.


oh people. cwc has never been about cute. is where i get my cute fix, cwc is where i get my frustrated-actor-in-LA-absurdist-social-experiment-slash-comedy fix.

get it straight, sheesh.


This is so weird. I JUST cut all my hair off. Big Mistake.


i'm about to get my hair cut on one side.


Hey, what about bald guys? I've always been attracted to bald guys... They can't do anything with their hair, but they're still cute!


This is not what we come here for.

BTW, the guy above is handsome and while the long hair was bad, it's not much of a transformation. He went from cute guy with bad long hair to cute guy with dorky short haircut.

More puppies, kittens, rabbits, etc please.

Abby in Vegas (with 5 cats)

i think he looks better with his long hair. it covers his big ass goofy ears.


I would like to vote on people's hair. Do people seriously come here only for animals? 'Cause that is not what CWC is about. Wake up lemmings!


My first thought when glancing at the picture was, "Hey! Two guys in matching shirts!"

But seriously, I like him with long hair much better.


I like him better with longer hair. He is cute. The name of this site is "Cute with Chris." It seems to me that includes all kinds of cuteness, even cute long haired young men. I would say let's have more cute long haired men on this site. Don't cut, grow! Let's see before and afters of short, then longer. In fact, maybe these two pictures are reversed. The long haired one is the current one. I hope so.


Human hair SUCKS.


Him: the short hairstyle is dorktastic!
Her: er, did she do that on purpose?


It's amazing how different a hairstyle can make you look. That guy is so attractive in the after photo. Hard for me to believe it's the same guy!


I like guys with long hair but this guy looks much better with short hair. His long hair is too thin and stringy looking!!!


is that the same person??


me Likey. Beautiful waves! I am a braid girl myself. tho- my cheeks are too chubby and i cant be goth with jolly cheeks.


me Likey. Beautiful waves! I am a braid girl myself. tho- my cheeks are too chubby and i cant be goth with jolly cheeks.


me Likey. Beautiful waves! I am a braid girl myself. tho- my cheeks are too chubby and i cant be goth with jolly cheeks.


Hey, Tania.... my (more than) moderately attractive defnately chubby man has long-ish hair... and I wish his job would let him grow it out... so... it's not the length of the hair, it's the quality. Ben has some of the best man hair ever... if not some of the best person hair ever. It's part of what drew me to him.

...but this guy... either way... *shrug*

hair clips

This guy looked better in the after photo. He should keep it that way.

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