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August 13, 2008



How'd you get those pictures of me and my cats?


Color me impressed!


See not all CCL are old and dumpy!


She needs a button soooo bad.


Sabrina rules!


Sabrina you have a lovely figure it is nice to see a model who doesn't look anorexic!
Pretty girl and your cats are adorable too!!

:) Tammy.


Wow, she seems to have a wonderful personality. I think that's what she's trying to sell us. Well, I'm convinced.


The Leafs suck! But suddenly I love them.


Wow Chris, I did want to go into HR and Personnel when I grew up, but now you have inspired me to be a Glamor Model in the hopes that one day I can be respected and get my pic posted on CWC.


I think you have found a new model for your tshirt collection. Oh and I believe she deserves a free pen!


Should be interesting if u can get a photo of her + her cat i bet who some ones just got that picture off google. LOL xD

Johnny 'Mac' Lopez

I love the show and website, but you need some more G' Pigs!

Matt Blank

Can I get a shirtless Mike or Adam to follow this up? My morning isn't so bueno with nudie women in my kitties.

Frankie (I'm a girl!) in Oz

whyyyyyy? Why are there boobs all over the place and NO BUTTOX!!!! Where are Mike's BUTTOX!!!?????? Geez


Okary, Chris, it really seems like you are going in the wrong direction with your website with all of this flesh. I recently changed jobs and now work for the feds. Seriously, they are going to block your site and I won't be able to get my fix of cute kittens and puppies during the day. More puppies and kittens and less flesh, please.

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

Sabrina Hooray for you and your cats getting posted and you not being a creepy guy trying to fool m'Lord, but...

Frankie(I'm a girl!)in oz has a very good point NO CUTE GUY BUTT! Well that just plain SUCKS!

I've never been mad at a god before but I think I am today!


Mike's buttoxen are there. Click on the 'previous mike' link on the page with I*n the cat.

Or are y'all looking for new an exciting perspectives?


That's not a real woman. That's a robot. I also second the call for more Guinea Pigs.


Wait a minute -- she didn't have any pictures of herself with her cats? How can you not have pictures of yourself with your cats? What kind of a crazy cat lady is she, anyway?


I'm also a CCL, and I would be more than happy if we could start a new stereotype, on how CCL should look, i say all hot CCL should send in their pics!! do not forget to include your kittehs!!!!



(it's about time)


soooo tasteful.....


Hi Chris,
Thanks for posting this! Not all CCLs and CWC viewers are straight and those of us who aren't, do really appreciate this. Yay for a shirtless woman instead of a pantless man!



Hooray for crazy cat ladies! Now if only Sabrina would send in a picture of her wearing clogs and a bikini with cats all over it, we would strike a blow at negative stereotypes for CCLs forever. Thanks Sabrina!

[LoA] dobog_formerly_byslexic

thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Propose a CWC Spin-off site: Cats 'n' Boobs.
You think CWC is big... just wait.

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