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August 07, 2008



lasers, bitch!


Hands off ladies - that man is mine!


Oh no you didn't, leslie! You WILL have to fight me! Cats, lasers AND a chicken? C'mon!

Matt Blank

There are 3 syllables to describe all of this. Ho-ly shit. That is all.


Well it seems that there is some hope for those CCL after all, introducing the CCM - crazy cat man. :)




Wait.... she makes aht out of cars and she didn't have anything interesting to send??? I feel like the dullest person in existence. AWESOME CHICKEN!

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

This post was so beautifully put together and the car art was...well beyond words, chicken cat man was great, but the craftsmanship of the car LAZERS was...

*tears gathering sniffles reaching for a tissue*

...I'm speechless!

Mozz Kitty

that was a great post although i would have liked to see the whole ccm car. But i can't complain very good post!


Are we sure he doesn't live in that van w/ the guy from the country fair? All of a sudden the CCMs are coming out of the closet!

Bill Stevenson

Woohoo! I'm so happy that Margaret posted those photos, I'm the (crazy) cat/chicken man. Link over to my website (does the url appear with this post?). If you Google topcatwhimsy you'll find my page too. Now I must go visit my yardbirds after a few sweet words with Mistletoe, my cat. Bill

"Joy to all, all that will allow themselves joy" - Bill Stevenson


Wow...this post really had it all. Aht, CCM, chicken, lasers.

Of course I had to see more. So to save everybody some googling, here's the Topcat car:

Margaret and Bill, we salute you and your ahtcars!


Best post in a looooong time! I absolutely adore CCM's van and chicken....the necklace-wearing duck on the side of the van is to DIE FOR! Love ya, CCM!


That car has Flower Power! (And I'm not talking about bio-diesel...)


that car is AMAZING! i didn't think it was legal to paint your car up


Chris has definetly gotten better at lasers.


That man is..

omg is it hot in here?

I'll be back later. ;]


i must say, those are the best lazers i have ever seen come out of a cars headlights! thank god we have a proper lazer technitian doing this stuff, or else it could have ended up horribly! thank you chris, for a lazer job well done :)


Wow i wonder if he realizes how much his life sucks....this is really really sad


I don't think his life sucks at all. He has courage to be different. Most of people are like "I don't know can I wear this dress tomorrow, what my friends are going to say!"

He doesn't care that he has 70 pet chicken, van painted with pictures of cats, shirt with pictures of cats and big BEAR belly(!)

Then there is these mass fashion teens with their (supposedly) perfect little lifes coming in CuteWithChris to tell that this guy's life "sucks"


Ps. My friend has brown leghorn chicken who is very friendly and starts following you every time you walk in the farmyard. I need to start calling her Fat Braun! :-)


What a wacky car! Hmm I'll have to paint my Cobalt now..

Bill Stevenson

rachel my dear, you are so wrong, I enjoy and give joy to so many that you cannot imagine. It's surprising you can even be "sad" for me when your opinion (stated anyway) is such a negative one. I do realize that not anyone can please everyone but I do believe those with strong negative feelings will remember what they saw so in some way I've reached out and touched them nevertheless. BTW, can you possibly be a Crazy Cat Lady? Best wishes to your years ahead that will surely open broader horizons for you.

Janne, Thank you for your open mind, insight to individuality, and appreciation for those that follow a path apart from the mass marketed minions. I did smile at your phrase "big 'BEAR' belly", I love it. That must be what it is, can't be "beer belly" as I drink nothing stronger than house brand cola.

Thanks also for the other replies to this photo from Margaret.


"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain

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