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August 25, 2008



Wow, I can't believe he didn't have any help.

Sarah aka KB

What? You've only just said good night! I'm sure the postman won't mind if you answer the door in your robe. Drooling on the parcels might be frowned upon though...


Oh you poor dear.. 70 percent is a job well done. after all you are only one person.


Yes, 70% is much better than openly sobbing when the mail carrier arrives.


OMGOMGOMG *falls down and pees*

Henning Christensen

Yet again Chris, you're an angel! Even though I'm not waiting for any packages from you, I'm still excited! And hey, frankly, I wouldn't mind if you skipped todays episode! You need some sleep! At least, more sleep! I would just love to see the expression on the mailman's face when he sees all the packages xD Good luck, man! You're awesome.


Holy Crap! Didn't anyone want to help. Shit in Canada all you had to do is front the beer and you would have had 20 people at your place packing boxes.
.......Though after a couple of beers, everything would have been sent to the wrong addresses.......but still.....
Good job!!!!!


YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


70% is great. You look sao tired, your adorable for trying SO hard to get them all done.

u rock.

Ana Bananna

as a non t-shirt purchaser, all i want is a new episode. but alas, i must be one with the cult & "understand".... sigh, such hard work being a cult member. poor tired chinese robot m'lord....


Chris you said you only printed 500 cards... Just wondering how many crazy cat ladies ordered a t-shirt... oh god... You should have made a fourth shirt that was bejeweled.


do you have morning breath?

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

And on the...? m'Lord rested!

NOW REST Dammit REST...Don't make me come to LA and put you in a fluffy bunny JP suit and throw a pillow at you!


I'm with Henning on the Molsen idea.

ooooo but Tesse is gonna be so JEALOUS!!!

Susie B

Chris you are one sexy bastard!!!!!




Yay Chris! 70% is effing amazing! Hehe "How did you spend your monday night?"


I haven't been able to order my shirt yet and I'm glad I haven't. I wouldn't want to be one of the people responsible for tuckering you out beyond belief! You are a rarity man, talented, handsome, devoted to your fans.... you deserve so much more..... at the very least a little help. You should have called me. I would have stayed up all night helping you pack stuff!!


HAHA. that's the best picture ever. you look like death. hot death..but still death.


Are you wearing concealer under your eyes? There's an odd white-ish line.
poor baby must be tired!

Tiffany Marie! (22teen)

mrow. ;)


I hope that means you can get some rest. At least until it is time for the other 30% of orders.

Thanks, My Lord. I will sit in front of my mailbox and await the arrival.


I appreciate the commitment. I would have stopped a LONG time ago.
If my t-shirts come late I'll blame it on customs.


Ooh, ooh! I got my "PayPal Multi-Order shipping notification via USPS" today! I'm in the First Wave! I wish I could have afforded more than one t-shirt for a pen, bitch, but I am altogether gratified anyway.

Waiting with baited breath,

Ever yours,



there's something about you chris, that makes me want to remove my clothes...ijs

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