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September 02, 2008



Stupid Poland, always making you number 2 :p

Your number 1 in my book Chris!


your number one in my book!


god damn you POLAND!


OMG, you're hilarious, milord... Maybe you're only #2 because those countries reporting in metric. Or maybe it's the exchange rate? You're #1 with me!


Sorry we let you down Chris. Next time I'll be sure to watch your videos for 18 hours straight so you get your reward.


I gotta ask: Who is number 1?


Chris, chris, chris. That's not how the YouTube editorial process works!

'Featured' means the fans had nothing to do with it (sorry fans!)--you should thank the editors! Specifically (since it was featured in comedy), you should thank Mark Day, he's the comedy editor (MarkDayComedy is his YouTube account, he's the bald scottish guy who stands in front of a yellow wall). He also is a closet case cat lady/man.

Anyway, it ALSO means that you were, briefly, #1, you just didn't see it until you were bumped down to #2. The latest video to be featured is always #1, then it floats down the ranks as new videos are featured.


Chris! Don't you remember the little saying
"First the worst, second the best, third the nerd with the hairy chest"

Just be thankful you weren't third :D


I'm just Glad that Ireland's sense of humour is catching on to Chris's. :) COME ON IRELAND!

I'm Irish, If you haven't guessed!

As for you Chris, you know deep down that they're doing this to torture you. We love you really!


who is the mystery country?


You know Chris why should you care about what other people rate you as? I bet the people that rate these things don't even like any of the categories. So who are they to judge? In our hearts and your true fans you are our number one.

Nay from Florida

Really? Who's number 1? Maybe I should subscribe to that podcast instead. It's obviously better.

Nay from Florida

Really? Who's number 1? Maybe I should subscribe to that podcast instead. It's obviously better.


umm... i think youve been #1 alot, dont be greedy. #2 is just as good.


We think you're number one, Chris. The cult will get stronger and soon you'll be number one with the rest of the world. Just you wait.


wow! even big in japan! then again the japanese do have an appreciation for cute stufs...and moobsl.....


ahhhhh chris damn anyone who votes you number 2 I will personally go on a vendetta against all those whose fingers cannot find the correct integer when they are entering their votes. I see me cutting off a lot of pointer fingers in the near future!


who IS #1???

Ned (50 Teen)

Normally I say 2nd is 1st loser...
but in this case they are WRONG !!
CWC is, was, and will always be #1.

Ned ( 50Teen )
I got confirmation that my shirts have shipped. Now I have to go home for lunch EVERY day until they arrive............THANKS !!

Chris from Poland...

Why POLAND? What did we do to you (or what we didn't?)


ok. so i totally counted 5 times, and i kept getting 20 countries. what i wanna know is WHICH ONE'S THE 21ST COUNTRY?!


oy oy chris!!!
im POLISH and i think u do deserve thet 2 pleace! ur good in what ur doing (we polish people love sarcasm and ur full of that)but u know... there will be alwayes someone better all ur dreams are death

Sarah, 13

Hi chris, why havent you posted a video yet? Its been ages!! I hope your not sick or hurt. Oh please tell me your not!!

love you Chris
Get better soon
and post more videos

-Sarah, 13, Australia

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