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September 25, 2008


Single Kelly

Crazy freakin' Indians. Dot not feather, that is.

Ana Bananna

LMFAO!!!!! thnx chrissy for posting rats in all their disgusting putrid glory!

A Person

I found that video absolutely adorable.


Lyanne, yo.
Your pics made it! The last 2 are kinda cute...


That was adorable.


oh great now the keyboard is animated with vomit ;)


oh great now the keyboard is animated with vomit ;)


i have no words lol



Ew, mate.

Leanne from BC

i need to go take a shower now...


I'm totally wearing a cute is what we aim for shirt right now.


ahahaha... I just don't think I can look at rats as a deity after seeing them in the subways every morning...

On the other hand, some of them were cute, especially the white ones...

On the other hand...



Fancy rats ARE cute, but I have to agree about the temple: f'n gross.


If there's any place outside of the US that's likely to create a disease that'll wipe out humanity, this temple would be it.

I almost lost my breakfast when that guy ate their food.


I totally believe that rats do become reincarnated as people. Take my ex-husband for example! (Ba-dum dum)


Sooo....was that one guy smearing rat feces on his forehead? I'm pretty sure that's what I saw. Michelle's rats were cute, but the shine is off them now. More brainbleach, please.


Normally I don't mind rats, but in the wild? Gross.

Having entirely taken over a structure intended primarily for human use? Doubly gross.

Pardon me while I go find some antacid.


I want to go there, for real.
Also, the third picture is cute as heck.


lol, you people and your vomit.

This temple was one of the highlights of my trip! I must say that I didn't touch any of the rats or ate their food though, that is a bit gross. But the fact that these rats are better off than the beggar kids in Delhi is way more disturbing than anything ...

Mozz Kitty

Thats fricken nasty lol
Ah I'm sorry like i know it's a religion and stuff but it's disturbing a little


How cute. I like their little beady eyes.

Sarah aka KB

Yay lyanne! It must have been smelly there, but at least you're now blessed for life... with or without disease though?


we have lots of white rats here, how come we're not any luckier for it? I have to agree with several other posters:
a few rats kept as pets = cute
a writhing mass of wild rats overrunning an enclosed space = gross
I guess an entire temple overrun with thousands of kittens would be pretty gross, too.
Those rats have a pretty good life, though. Much better than some of the people in India, which is sad. :(


The rat feces might explain the peculiar "musk" of a lot of Indian truck drivers I come in olfactory contact with...

I'm totally racist, but I love mousies, and I love the Indians momentarily for being so nice to them... and not eating them like they do in China.


One of my favorite comic artist's view on rats.

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