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September 26, 2008



Haha... That one is awesome.. the before pic.. I ♥ the hairdo and serious look =)


I like J.D.'s red hair. I see you have a propaganda cat (the rarest of all cats - one who actually will interact with humans, thus the cat is used as "propaganda" to trick others into adopting the antisocial creatures, thinking they will be an affectionate pet).

What does J.D.'s t-shirt say?


My dad's shirt says "Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress, but I repeat myself." with a picture of Mark Twain beside it. He told me that when he wears it in public, people walk up to him and ask if that's him on the shirt!


I don't think that's a propaganda cat... he is successfully preventing the guy from sleeping...

don't cats live to prevent their humans from doing whatever they intend to do at a given moment?

Emily, 31teen in TX

That before picture is flippin hi-larious. Don't mess with J.D.!


Whitney's dad is scary...

Ana Bananna


Single Kelly

Haha. I love the molestache in the before pic.


Did I miss something?

What's with the sudden influx of then and now dads? o_O


now pic: ok

Then Pic: He looks like Herman Munster. His hair to his shoulders is a perfectly straight line, like an eraser. Kinda scary.


Does he KNOW you posted this pic? hehe


No hunky bear comments to this pic.. no hunky bear comments to this pic.. no hunky bear comments to this pic..

Nice moustaches. I wouldn't call him "scary" but instead with word where the "car" part has changed into something else.

Is that some sort of unwritten law that all the good-looking men are either straight or "taken" ;-)


I love your dads shorts. Haha, that was weird. They are just so blue X]
Oh and yes, i was alao wondering if your dad knows you took this? He might be surprised to find him self on the...Internet.


I think I know the teen dad!!! He tried to hog tie me and shove me in the back of a white van...

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