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September 09, 2008



It's kind of a thing in Portland. There was a whole Pony Project a year or two ago. I see those rings everywhere and in certain places people would chain up the ponies and see how long they would stick around.

Sarah aka KB

Is America the land of the plastic horse? Cos I've never seen one in England, and you guys keep finding them...

Katie C.

Oh Portland, you are so unique.


They need plastic water and plastic hay. Who is feeding these poor things?


The unfortunate thing is that they can't run away when Pervy sidles up beside, or rather behind, them.


the horse near my house has plastic water and hay, and also an elephant. for company.


That is so inhumane! Those poor little plastic horses need to be fed and taken care of, but people just leave them out in the cold, cold night all the time. They must be so lonely...I'm starting a new company called Save the Plastic Horse, call me if you wanna donate!

Salina From Maui

Poor ponies...I imagine they get squashed underfoot many a time as they are much too tiny for most ppl to take notice.


hahahaha that's so cute!


Especially check out the thieves section.


The horses around portland are put there by a local art school to remember the fact that the rings are there because in earlier portland days real horses got chained to them.

Now, these rings are simply used for bondage.


Pervy says, "Tie me up, baby!"


If you haven't lived in Stumptown, it probably seems odd... I miss Portland :) Certainly the most unique city in the US.


the people of Portland put these up a few years back, i guess that the ones who weren't stolen/saved, were forgotten about. but they used to be everywhere, and little kids would sit down and play with them, so for the most part they had some company with them.


Oh yeah, I go to college in Portland. I was going to take a picture of these and send it in but I guess I forgot.


Wow! Portland is one unique place.


"look at the leopleurodon charlie! the leopleurodon!! its a magical leopleurodon charlie!"


....I want to go to this 'Portland' place now :D

Drake Magnum

I live in Portland. I've been meaning to get a My Little Pony for our curbside ring since I moved here.
This pony phenomenon is just one of many animal-related reasons to love Stumptown, USA.

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