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October 31, 2008



I like how awkward the dog is sitting.


This is hilarious. I have this exact picture. I meant to send it in and got lazy...I received it anonymously in the mail a few years ago, in an envelope with an electronic stamp, with my name printed on a sticker. This picture was the only thing the envelope contained. I showed it to some people, trying to figure out who sent it. My uncle freaked out. He thought the picture was "sinister" and was convinced I had a stalker. It turned out to be my friend Carrie, making good use of the office supplies where she worked. I loved it!


I was really excited about halloween because then I get to see a bunch of dogs dressed up as bees but this, this is so much better. Thank you.


dont let this kitty near carm!!


hehe funny pic, and good story, Jayme. Glad it was just your pal, hehe...


I got this picture on a Halloween card. Why is something that's on a Halloween card on CWC?


The pumpkins & dog are nice - but WANT THAT CAT!
Plus her accessories, of course.


I'm-a-gonna get mah chainsaw!

tara whyland

i'm sorry, but I have to spam you. Two kitties needs our help. and You have the power and the cult to save its life. Please Chris- I'm begging

this nice young lady contacted me after i posted about how much i love kitties on one of your videos (i really do. I have 11). she pleaded with me to help.

She was studying abroad in china and rescued a litter of kittens that had been left to die! She managed to find a home for all but two, which she kept. Now it's time to return to the states and wants to bring back the little kitties with her. In that area of china, cats are not kept as pets. The kitties needs a home.

please check out these few links and PLEASE post something.

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