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October 24, 2008



Awesome story, Kendra! I am sure you'll keep landing on your feet as life goes on, all my best to you.

Chris - hire her!

Ana Bananna

"..... this one time at band camp......"


I like Kendra.


28-29 Learned how to summarize and be succinct.


You call that brief? Was that a job history or a biography? If she had included something about her 5 cats at home, I may have appreciated her as a CCL, but otherwise I'm not so sure...


lol @ Paul


Kendra for PREZ!


So far, all I see is people looking for a job, but they will be our dedicated religious leaders...
I want to see some relevant qualifications:
Pet history,
Sense of humour sample,
Favourite Pervy quote...

something like that...



Stephanie 26teen



blah blah blah, I had to skip to the end. Seems like a nice girl...Just take her out on a date already.


Omg Chris HIRE HER! She sounds awsome! Good luck Kendra!


I like the way she took away lessons learned from every experience. Not everyone does that, sadly. She sounds like a winner to me, Chris. :-)


I have an idea! How about you fire Sora from kingdom hearts? Now I'm serious just get 3D computer software and make him! HIRE HIM!!!!!!!


Well, at least you'd get tanned and fed. You may have to get earplugs though if she talks as much as she writes...


Quote: "..... this one time at band camp......"



she'll never shut won't get ANY work done.


you want more background on me cult members?

I'm battling post-partum depression. My father was an alcoholic. I was extremely sheltered to the point of feeling like I couldn't breathe in social situations. My son has autism.

I will now talk as much as I feel I need to, if it helps me to get to know me better. And I will ask for what I need. If I know what it is.

And Chris gave me a gift.

I didn't know I needed this. I was feeling better about my spot in life anyway, but the fact I felt so confident as to approach him and write the back of my mind I knew it could be posted but never entertained the idea, mine is not a funny story, nor have I mispelled anything or have a hideous eye. Then when I got the email saying its posted let me know if you want it taken down...I was quite scared. I ALWAYS go here to before email, but today I didn't. Today I was looking for an email from my mom.

And I see some of you may not want to hang with me. Maybe you might get irritated that I talk too much. Why is that? Instead of me asking myself, I am going to ask YOU, and leave it there. Because I know, if you hung with me for an hour...even if I did talk too would want more. And if you don't, I'm not beating myself up about it anymore :) Cause I'm cool. And I don't have anything to hide. And if I experiment with anything be it clothes, cooking, even down to drugs and drinking, at the end of the day the person I answer to is myself. And I had heard that all my life without knowing what it really meant, because I never got to know myself.


where are her cats!


kendra, you go girl! i'd hang with you...i think you should write your memoirs and turn it into a movie, sounds like you've had quite the life. Good luck out there sweety...


I'd hang with you kendra




I didn't mean fire him I mean HIRE him!


Wow. Cute and hard worker. Still interested in other applicants.


Everyone has a sob story.


Everyone has a sob story.

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