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October 03, 2008


Courtney in Arkansas

live show??? and not in my state??? *sad face*


JERK! why is it always California and Toronto! why cant you ever come to the southeast! preferably Alabama....hint hint!!

c h r i s s y

If I lived in my hometown in Ohio now I would go! But now I live 4 hours away from that makes me about 10 hours from Toronto...I will see you someday!!


I agree with David, Chris must come to the South. How about sunny Florida?

Sarah aka KB

We have some lovely theatres in England Chris....

Simon from Toronto

Chris! You have made me so happy! I was one of the thousands of people who tried to get tickets to your Toronto show this spring and failed. :( I though all my dreams were dead... but you saved them!


Aw man, all my pleading for a Calgary show and no luck. O well.


Woo, nice tour!!! Sadly I can't go though because I live in Vancouver :( SAD FACE

Its okay because Ill be there in spirit


yes... a florida show would be nice :)


You should come to Florida. maybe Daytona Beach?

Stacey Wynn

The Halloween show would be wickedly wonderful to attend. I'm sad that I don't live in central Canada. I should have gone to grad school at Carleton!


Holy shit, I just about fainted when I dropped in to check out the show tonight and discovered there were gonna be 4--no, 5!--more shows in Tronna! I sez to myself, "Sign me up!!" Gots tix for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and, really, gotta say I couldn't be happier. I will be wearing my CWC tee and can't wait to get my FREE BUTTON, BITCH!


I am so excited about this! I just got tickets to the Saturday night in Toronto show. The 5+ hour drive each way will so be worth it.


Come to Chicago damn it! I drove 5 hours to get there for Linkin park Id do it again for you!!


Nebraska calls your name.


Chris I'm in Houston. H-Town bitch. So you should book a show here. The show could be about how Canada is not full of idiots.


Come to Omaha, Nebraska Chris, if not there, atleast Des Moines, its only a 2 and half hour drive.




i'm so happy you're finally coming back to tdot! i'm so exciteddd! i love that you are true to your canadian roots



I have decided 2 things.

1. You should always bring your Live Tour to Florida.


2. You should marry me.


Got my tickets last thursday!!! hell yes!

The Angry Intern

w00t! Just got my ticket for the Nov 15th show. Can't wait to see it, I was bummed I missed the last one in LA.

Kirstie Simpson

Noooo!!! Why, WHY is Toronto 600 miles away from me?!!?!!?!?!


Today I have purchased my tickets for both the Sunday reading and evening show. Now I must tell my Oshawanian friend Rhonda we have a date with destiny. This will be sooo worth the 16 hour round-trip drive for me to get down to Toronto.

Oh, and I'm sure you're running out of good cat photos to use, so I'll send you a few for your upcoming show. I like to help. :)


i swear to god, i'm gonna do everything i can to get a ticket and get down to LA...i just need the money!

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