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October 24, 2008



maybe you can convince T-pain by buying him a DRAAAAAAAAAAAANK. just a thought.


I'm thinking that Rocky thought Bruce was a tasty treat. Just a thought.


That dog is gorgeous! Is it a shepherd/rottweiler mix?


Emotional blackmail is the best kind because it always works. I'm going to steal this dog one day tania!

Tania Pereira

Hes a Belgian shepherd, its basically like a German shepherd, but more Dutch.
..I think he may be part German however.

You shall never steal him! Its pretty hard to steal a 100 pound dog I'd imagine. He would not cooperate.


Rocky looks like he's contemplating how Bruce would taste in this pic...


Oh, poor little hamster. I'm sure Chris really wanted to feature him. :) Tpain is an awesome idea! I will be in Toronto, wonder if I can get tickets? Chris really needs to do another lyrics reading.


yeah...thats too bad about the hamster. GREAT emotional blackmail though. erm...yeah the t-pain thing would be sick...


Chris hasn't done any lyric readings in a while, I miss those...
I personally would like to see him read Fergie's "My Humps"


lol! That's the best idea I've heard in a long while. A T-Pain Cute With Chris Co-Show would be awesome.

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