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October 14, 2008



he's military! i'd do what he says.

sorry for your losses Stephen.
thanks for protecting our freedoms!


p.s. i love a man in uniform almost as much as i loves me some orange furry purry things.


They BOTH died? Seems like he was just being careless!

(Also, AWWW! A Brittany! I have a Brittany!)


Real nice, Julia. Sometimes when there are two dogs who live together and one dies, the other will die of a broken heart! Sorry Stephen, but I couldn't let someone accuse you of being careless. I'm sure you loved those dogs, how sad to be so far from home and lose a favorite pet (or pets).


yes, on behalf of stephen, i am sure it wasn't carelessness....i had a client that lost 3 cats in a 6 month period, and another client had to put both their dogs down on the same day! chance and shadow both look pretty old in the picture. rest thier little sweet souls!

c h r i s s y

Chance and Shadow like in HOMEWARD BOUND?! Aww. That movie always makes me cry. Sorry to read about your puppies. It hurts being away when something like that happens. :(


hahaha did you forget to feed them when u left!! lol no no that's not funny ...ok yes it is


that's so sad! i love that you named them after the dogs from that movie! stay safe!!!! i love men in uniform >.<

Ned (50 Teen)

Not looking for any sympathy but I too lost 2 dogs (dashunds) within 6 months. I had "gus" for 17 years and his partner of 16 years Annie.
I do believe she went with a broken heart. I want to thank Steven for his service....THANKS !!


Yeah, stephen, life is just suckish like that, i know how it goes...:(
Thanks lots for fighting for us, too.


S H I R T L E S S ! ! !


Wait, people took me seriously? I was paraphrasing The Importance of Being Earnest.


Awww, to lose those two pretty puppies, all while in Iraq? NOT FAIR!

I hope you don't have to go back to Iraq anytime soon, and can mend your broken heart with a new furry friend.

Orange Fescue

So, why is the pretty soldier boy not shirtless?

Karen Teen


*hugs* to Stephen; sorry about Chance and Shadow. (What happened to Sassy? I hope she's still ok.)

woman of danger


(NotScary) Mary

Oh Stephen. I am so sorry for your loss. But, doesn't Emotional Blackmail make it feel a little better? Oui!


It looks like he has no hands.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

I salute you and your puppies of America.

Thank you, for keeping our country...not-dead and stuff.

Julia? Would you mind telling me what type of mental illness you have, because I'd REALLY like to know.

Keep being awesomesauce, Stephen.


He's not shirtless because I say so. :p

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