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October 17, 2008



I can't believe that she's SHOWING the white flag of surrender. The shame.


i thought that was the place where the twinkie filling went in.




Natasha sees an arsenist.

sean revoltah

spelling fail


I've never seen a black squirrel like that. Amazing! Wish I had them where I live. Are they common in Ottawa?

Zhuzhu of the Wild Zhuzhu Clan in Oregon

Oh my GAWD!!! An Emo Squirrel - I thought they were a myth.


Dear Gods! the squirrels are breeding in ninja form now?!!


Black squirrels are all over the place here in Ottawa. They even chased out the smaller grey and red squirrels. Then a larger breed of grey squirrels came back, so now you see both.

I had no idea they weren't an invasive species elsewhere.

Tova in Hell-Hot Florida

Zilch for the adorable black squirrels in these parts... We only have a very scrawny gray variety as no animals get very puffy around here due to the hell-hot, face-melting climate.

But what the hell is it about everyone else getting cute squirrels and leaving me with only scrawny gray ones?

So, let's see if I am clear on this:

Other parts of the world = adorable animals

South Florida = scrawny gray squirrels and gigantic prehistoric reptiles that eat people.

Does this sound just a tad out of balance to anyone else but me?


We have an abundance of gray squirrels in Louisiana. I've never seen a black one like that. We have giant prehistoric reptiles too, but I think they are more of a problem in Florida.

Linda in Texas

Maybe if I play dead it will go away, creepy black squirrel, lol I'm surprised it would get so close to a cat. Most cats wouldn't be so friendly to it though, lol. I've seen several different colors yet no black squirrels in Dallas speckled with black but solid black wow, I bet there stealthy.


Yeah, crazy black ninja squirrel! Is Natasha just faking it out until she attacks? Really cute kitty belly.

Kittie in TEXAS

Oh my god! We only have brown squirrels here.... I'm so jealous.


oh my gosh!
that squirrel is so adorable! and bold!
ive never seen a squirrel that would approach another animal like that.
and natasha is also very cute

susana pol

OH Ah Oh!!!


I didn't know there were black squirrels in Ottawa. I thought they were unique to NJ! That's cool.


We have black squirrels here in Nebraska.


"If I had some laser eyes, all your dreams would be dead"


Natasha actually plays with the squirrels ...
But don't be alarmed, she kills everything else that dares venture onto the property ...


love it:) love the fact that the squirrel isnt attacking:p

Arloe from Regina

To those who think black squirrels are "cute":

Try having one get into your living room - yeah, not so cute when its beady little eyes are glaring at you from under the couch and all you can think of are rabid little fangs lunging at you and little black claws ripping into your flesh. Ottawans beware - it happened to me!


NEVER seen a black squirrel. I want one.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)


That's my squirrel...when I ride in my Grandmother's Golfcart, wich I named the squirrel mobile, I go squirrel watching, and every time I see one, I scream that.

But that's usually when I haven't slept in 24 hours...

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