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October 14, 2008



i love this kitty!
love love love.
if i lived in florida, i'd adopt him. if you could get him to NY , i'd adopt him.


Oh man, that is such a sweet story! :)

I'm always happy when people go out of their way to help animals in need. Thank you for sharing this awesome story, Chris and Tova! I'm going to pass it along on Myspace.


I don't think Lucky will have any problem finding a home! Good job people.

Tova in Florida

An update to all who want to know...

As the person who found Lucky on the side of the road, I can tell you that his story and the medical issues he overcame go beyond that letter. And in the process, he touched so many hearts.

He went from a homeless, destined for death kitten that most people I spoke to admitted they would not have bothered to pick up, to a full recovery and his 15 minutes of internet fame on CWC AND a contestant in the Cute Down! Wow! There should be a Lifetime movie!

When I found Lucky I was unemployed, could not afford his care, but could not let him be put down. I authorized the care, knowing I couldn't afford it but feeling in my heart that somewhere out there, someone would help me save this little stray.

Within a few days, Beyond Nine Cat Rescue in Broward County, Florida answered my call of financial distress (I emailed every cat rescue in S Florida, and all denied me any assistance due to lack of their own funding with this exception). By the time they contacted me, they had already called Lucky's animal hospital and arranged to fund all of his medical bills, present and future.

I also want to thank them for their visits, for they, like myself, would go to the animal hospital and sit with Lucky for hours on end so he'd have more human contact and companionship as he struggled to recover during the worst of times.

Also, thanks to his vet, Dr. Questa, who spoiled him whenever she was on staff (although she still never baked him that chicken pot pie he requested... But that's another issue on which I will deal with her personally!) ;-)

Kittens are all awesome, I've had cats my entire life. But I have to tell you that Lucky truly, truly has an amazing personality. Maybe he's grateful, but he is one of the most loving, snuggly kittens I've ever known. He loves to give licky kisses and sleep curled up on your pillow. In person, you barely notice the cropped ear (which truly looks worse in photos) because you are overcome by his motorboat purrs and magnetic personality.

Everyone who meets Lucky in person falls in love.

Also, he has some of the most kissable "whisker holders" I've ever encountered!

And yes, he still loves to bat around balled up pieces of paper! Put away the feather on a stick and get this kitty a notebook!

I can't tell you how many tears were shed by my entire family when his medical treatment was completed and, after months of caring for him, it was time for Lucky to be fostered closer to his rescue an hour away.

I am told he is living with a foster family who has other kittens his age that he is able to play with, that he is very happy, and that he sleeps in the bed with their teenager.

If anyone truly is interested in learning more about Lucky or making a donation toward this amazing rescue who helped save his life, or even adoption information, surely you can look up Beyond Nine Cat Rescue in Broward County, Florida on the internet.

Thanks to everyone who cares about this really special little guy. I know CWC is a lot of joking around and often filled with sarcastic comments (which can be pretty funny, by the way), but the fact is, with the exception of a twisted few, we wouldn't be here if we didn't love animals.

Sarah aka KB

Aww people like you Tova make the world a better place! So sweet, I'm surprised you can part with Lucky.

I loved the "aside from being skinny, flea and parasite infested with traumatic head injuries, there was nothing wrong with him". That sounds like saying of Ann Boleyn or someone, "aside from losing their head, they're absolutely fine".

Tova in Florida

We had to part with Lucky because, for one, the rescue paid for all of his care it is at their discretion where he is placed.

Also, we have 4 other kittes. 2 older senior cats we've had for 12 years who adore one another, but hated Lucky.

Then two rescues we adopted as kittens at the end of last year who the older cats hate, but they adore each other.

That is, until Lucky showed up.

One of the newer kitties befriended Lucky, but the other was terrified and would even attack our other rescue - her former buddy - and would spend most of her days hissing and hiding... and peeing on my shoes.

When Lucky arrived, it caused so much stress that they were attacking one another and only recently, weeks after Lucky has left, have the younger rescues gotten close, again.

It was definitely difficult to see Lucky go, but we wanted what was best for all of the kitties involved.


Yeah for you! That is wonderful. I think Lucky's story is wonderful, thank you for sharing.

Tova in Florida

I was just informed by the rescue that Lucky was adopted by his foster family that could not give him up. :-) And one CWC reader was kind enough to contact them and offer to make a donation to them on his behalf. :-) How wonderful. Thank you.


What a lucky cat indeed! He is so lucky you were driving by that day! What a story!


Tova, you are AWESOME!! We totally need more people like you in this world.


Tova your a blessing to the animal kingdom, I truly believe that one day you will be rewarded. What you did for Lucky was amazing. Thank you for sharing this story with the cult you know we are all a bunch of softies when it comes to animals. Not just the cute factor, but we love and truly care about animals. They are funny,yes, but they are also gifts from God to be cared for and helped in times of need. Just glad Lucky was so lucky you found him.


What's weird is that I am never where I was that day... But here is what happened...

I had a session with a personal trainer at my gym who called me and rescheduled our appointment for later that day.
Then my hubby called and said he locked his keys in his car (meaning I had to drive 30 minutes) to where he worked to unlock his car...
In order to still be able to meet with the trainer, get the keys out of the car and pick up my kids at school on time there was only this little tiny time frame that I had to drive to his work. There was no time to spare. In fact, leaving the parking lot I didn't even wait for my husband, I called on my cell phone "door is unlocked... gotta go!"

And then, just down the road from his office, is where it happened.

So if both had not happened (rescheduling of trainer or keys locked in the car) exactly as they had at the time they had, I would not have been in that city to see that kitten and save it.

I believe that all of these things happened to put me in that very spot at that very time.

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