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October 14, 2008



I enjoy your inability to leave your suspenders alone.
And awesome powers, by the way.


i happen to be a crazy squirrel lady, and these squirrel pictures have totally made my day.
i am incredibly envious of your powers.

Emily, 31teen in TX

Jenn, I have a feeling he was trying to keep his fingers out of squirrel nibbling reach. No one wants rabies.

Those are cute and of course we'll want to see recent pictures of Mike now.

c h r i s s y

My favorite is the last picture, haha. So cute.


That's so precious !


That's a pretty wierd gift Mike. Or should we call you Ben?


Hey, last week was Squirrel Awareness Week. Uncanny.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Squirrels are rats with fuzzy tails!!! At least 3 times in my life in three different cities and two states a squirrel has lept from a tree/trash can/bench at my leg/arm/head. EVIL!!!!

Cera Fym

heya Hesker?
Maybe *you* have squirrel whisperer abilities?
The Gifted do not choose the Gift!


Haha, that last picture is adorable! xD


I wonder if Mike still has the gift of squirrel wispering and what he looks like today because he was a cut little boy


haha, I wonder if I know you Hesker (that wouldn't be your real name if I did)... but a person named Becky that I know had the exact same experience with squirrels...


Rabies can take years to show up. Don't be surprised if you notice a little foam on your pillow and some unexplained rage.

Ronda in Seattle

I wish I could call the squirrels down from the trees to do my evil bidding too :(

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Yea? Well I have asshole whispering powers...I'm one of the only people who can communicate with the very common species that is asshol! xD


Nope, I'm not a Becky, Shaq.

And with my luck I would have that gift, Cera Fym. It would rank up there with the many cats that want to rub all over me even though I'm not a cat person and my strange ability to attract people who want to tell me their deepest, weirdest secrets...even though I just met them.


Ha Ha! I have that exact same power to attract people who want to tell me their deepest, darkest secrets! whether I want to know them or not...
That last picture is cute.
My roomate also hates squirrels, because she was attacked by a nut-throwing squirrel once, and another time by a squirrel who stole her hotdog (didn't know squirrels ate meat-like products?)

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