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November 05, 2008



Yes we can Carm..yes we can!


:D My mom woke me up by saying "BRITTANY! Guess who won? ...OBAMA!"

My first thought was "OMIGOSH YAY!" and my second thought was "I bet Carm is excited!"


Superexcitinghistorymakingkindofday day!

How very nice of your kitties to pose so wonderfully.

But I gotta say, that lightswitch steals the scene.


Hot kitties spread the news "hot off the PURRess"! It's a whole new world today -- for the better.

Michael the artmonkey

That lightswitch plate is freaking me out a little...


I guess it's time for me to move to Canada... At least I'll have more of a chance to see CWC live.


One of my cats might not like Obama so much anymore. Last night when they announced that he was the winner I was so surprised it happened so early and so excited I jumped to cheer and forgot he was on my lap. Luckily cats do always land on their feet. I broke out the champagne, did you break out the Red Cat, carm?


Those cats don't look like they're celebbrating, more like they're plotting something. Like they have some plan for getting into Obama's cabinet taking over the world.

Ana Bananna

congrats to my neighbours... i'm not a fan of politics, even in my own stomping grounds. but i was excited for you in your shining moment of historic change. really, it was beautiful to watch.


Hope you're all equally excited about becoming a socialist nation. GAH!


I love the Obama family!

President Elect Barack Obama will be an amazing president.

=) I can't wait. 75 days

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi) AKA Pandora (not my real name...heh.)

Britty! Guess what MY first thought was?

Where's my noose? :D

racism is so 1960

No name..that's disgusting. I don't care if it was a joke.


Yeah, no name's comment came off to me as more of a suicide noose than a lynching thing. But maybe I'm just an eternal optimist for the good in people?

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