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November 02, 2008


X (from Halifax)

Woot! Nova Scotia represent! Someone else to help bribe Chris toward the East Coast, perhaps?

Ana Bananna

i want a pic of the whole team...


two words:

Awesome. Hair.

c h r i s s y

I want to see more pictures, she looks cool!


Heu there, It's Gwendolyn!!

I sent more pictures, but sadly they didn't get posted! So I'll just photobucket link you all!

Group Photo:

My FINISHED make-up:

Ronda in Seattle

Omg you look so cute! I loves it! I went as Alice in Wonderland, and my orange stripey cat actually followed me and my son as we trick or treated on our block. Cat + fog machine + flashing lights + spooky noises = FUNNY!!!!


OMG I love the group shot. SO JEALOUS!


OK - the finished makeup - WOW. It sort of reminds me of some of the paintings I've seen from Clive Barker. Seriously amazing all the way. And the queen's crown! I love it!


The images or video have been moved or deleted.

Would love to see.


O_O I LOVE YOUR HAIR! ... but it blinds me XD


Wicked costume! That smile is creeping me out. =)

Cardboard Box Fairy (thnx Sarah!~)

risking being nailed as a photo stalker; here's a better link to the bucket of these amazing images:


Umm... errr....

HAWT Gwendolyn!!!! Very hot.


I noticed these pics are no longer in photo bucket. You look FABULOUS! I would love to see the costume, trying to get ideas... Would it be possible for you to post the pics again or send me some photos???


What products did you use to paint your face like that? also, where can you find those adorable ears? I've been making a cheshire cat costume and absolutely fell in love with your face makeup

vibram fivefingers

Thanks for the shout out... It was an honor and privilege to take the pressure off of you during your LIVE tour...


saw this on yahoo answers... as a link and this pict. is VICIOUSLY AWESOMEE!!!

Air Force Ones

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where did you get the ears

Miami Web Design

wow amazing custom, she look amazing, now we know why she won the first place!!!
congratulations, I love the hear, is a deep blue I love it

lion costume

Very nice! I love the makeup! I would love to know who did it, and just say that he/she has real talent. Godo work here. I might come as the cat lady this coming Halloween. :)

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