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November 07, 2008



Let me the first to congratulate you on your proper usage of the word "anus".

Now you need to do a show where I can actually get to it. Boston, perhaps? Hell, I'd even settle for Montréal.


you go chris!


Thank you Chris for explaining to the Carm loving base what your show is REALLY about.

This is exactly WHY I come to this site and watch your show.

It's not about your pets and how cute they are, it's about how people see animals and the reality of it good and bad. It's fun to poke fun at them much like how we poke fun at other beings. It keeps it real.

I know you truly care about animals and it shows in volumes as does your base, but man you sure do attract some freaky fans.


That is so cool. I'm just waiting for your show to be on Mtv or something crazy.


Go Chris! Thats fabtastic!!!XD


What a lovely interview M'lord! I'll never forget the day I found one of your shows on youtube. My life hasn't been the same since.

Jill, 37-teen


I will repost this here, for anyone who didn't see it earlier:


Wow. I didn't realize watching CwC made me deep. What a great interview. Now bring your show to Atlanta so I can be even deeper, Chris. We have wonderful theaters here. Come check them out!

Jen, 31-teen

Tova in Florida

It IS all about us, isn't it?

Finally! Someone who understand my motto:

"All Tova, all the time!"


Awesome little article there. Glad you're getting recognized for your talents, Chris. :)


You are awesome Chris!
And I especially liked the part you said about teenage girls ( properly because I am one ;) )


I really love you chris, I really really rabidly do


I weirdly, rabidly love the show. Yea Chris!


Awesome interview! And you're so right-on about the teenage girls who come here, being smart and "getting it". I would like to think I was a cool 80s teenager, but even at my peak of awesomeness I couldn't hold a candle to these young women today. They are indeed the anti-Paris Hiltons. You go girls!


M'Lord, I salute you on a great interview.

I am indeed quite unlike Paris Hilton. I is cool (kewl, or any other version of spellingz).
Okay... I'm just awkward.

Still, M'Lord you rock.


Well said, TimesUp...I've never gotten why people who are horribly obsessed about their pets would even want to come here...well unless they have a great sense of humor, and I can see many do. :) I don't even have any cute pets--just some fish and a furry little hamster (but we don't even have pics of him lol).


we're all special...suck it Tanya.

Bridgeen in TORONTO

Congratulations on the media coverage Chris! I am happy to promote your show even more by wearing my CWC shirt proudly around T.O :).

Being a teenage girl myself, I appreciate what you had to say about teenagers. I personally don't think I'm as cool as you say I am, but you're right, the image of teenagers that's out there is very narrow minded. I mean, your interviewer actually asked if we "get it." As if any member of the cult just comes here to look at cute puppy and kitten photos.


"weird, rabid fan base"... love it. I remember the first time I ever watched CWC... I had randomly stumbled upon the "sexy kitties" episode ("Billy! what are you doing with your kitty-paw?!") on youtube because... well, better not to ask why. Anyway, I thought it was hilarious, immediately watched every episode I could find, and now I'm hooked. Ah, good times... seems like so long ago, now.


congrads on the media coverage!


I like to see more of this Chris on your show. I loved the interview, and I love the show. Thanks!


I like to see more of this Chris on your show. I loved the interview, and I love the show. Thanks!

Cardboard Box Fairy (thnx Sarah!~)

I can't get over how cool to the bone you are with everything you do and say; you really have an amazingly honest spirit.

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