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November 04, 2008


Sean Halsey

I like dogs that can see


What an awesome idea for roommates! So many times pets and roommates don't mix - if it's one person's pet, the others resent if it's not being disciplined "right" or whatever. If it's everyone's pet, who gets it when moving day comes? But this is a pet everyone is invested in, and by the time moving day comes, the dog has gone on to help another family.


My family raised a seeing eye dog when I was 11. We had to give it up after about a year and a half, which is of course what everyone in the program has to do, but try explaining that to my 11-year-old self! It was devastating!


Three cute people with one cute puppy. Looks like a great household. I'm kinda going into a sugar coma over the cuteness of Camber, but this is what I come here for.

Good luck with him! You're doing a wonderful thing.


What a thoughtful thing for a bunch of roommates to do. I have a friend who recently got a seeing eye dog, also a yellow lab. She still brings it back to visit with its former owners now and then.


Hi all, This is Tara, I'm the one in green in the photo with Camber. He's a love. It's a wonderful program we're working with and if any one has any questions make a post on here and I'll do my best to get back to you. we work with a company called Guiding Eyes.

Ana Bananna

looks like he wants to run away & join the circus...


Looks like my dog did as a puppy...
Only because of the diabetis she is half blind and should have a seeing eye dog herself...


What! You post this but you don't post any of the pictures of our Guide Dog puppies I've sent you. We're on our eighth and he's at least as cute as this.

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