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November 22, 2008


Single Kelly

That dog is about to laser-eye that kitten. Or her boobs.
Some one please put in some lasers.


Awe. Hooray for "Catcher in the Rye"! :) You should call the ASPCA on those a-holes that abandon those poor kitties. People really need to take responsibility to spay/neuter their pets. It's only what, $75.00?


Well, my teacher gets a discount at the vet's office too. They like him a lot. Apparently one of his younger cats had an eye infection and had to get the eye removed. I told him he should put a button on it. :D

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

Who DUSTssssss ALL that STUFF?


Ride that cleavage. Smart kitten.

Arloe from Regina

Very cute. I tend to think that mostly farmers and the like are immune from being CCLs and CCMs though. Having several acres to care for a few dozen cats makes it less crazy. Also, I've found that may farm families don't think of the cats as "pets" so much as "catching mice in the barn" creatures. Not that your prof didn't nurse cute baby animals back to health; don't want to make it seem that farm people are uncaring... but trying to fit 15 cats into your apartment and sleeping with them all on your bed at night = crazy; having 15 cats running around 50 acres and not really paying attention as to where they sleep = not so CCL/M.


My cousin's name is Maren. And I have that jacket. Cool.

nicholas in germany

hey is there any space left in there?
i want to sleep in boobs too

nicholas in germany

hey is there any space left in there?
i want to sleep in boobs too

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